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Top 8 Google tag manager chrome extension

Top 8 Google tag manager chrome extension:

Before we directly head into the best Google tag manager chrome extension let us understand what are chrome extensions and Google tag manager.

What is a chrome extension?

Chrome extensions are small programs that add extra functionalities to the browser as per requirements and make our browsing experience a good one on a single click. They are built on web technologies like HTML, Javascript, CSS.

What is Google tag manager?

In simple words, Google tag manager is a free tool that allows managing the tags in your website without modifying the source code. Google Tag manager acts as a mediator between one source to another

What are tags?

Tags are snippets of code that tells Google tag manager what to do.

Following are some of the top eight Google tag manager for chrome extensions:

  1. Google Tag Assistant: Google tag assistant helps in finding the errors and provides the suggestion for any improvements. It tells all the tags that are present on the page. It makes sure that Google tags such as google analytics are working correctly. One of the amazing features of Google tag assistant is recordings. This helps to record the browsing session through your website and troubleshoot if there are any issues in real-time. The link to get Google tag assistant is given below :

  1. Da Vinci Tools: This is a very powerful tool which helps in many ways like
  2. Fixing bugs and hacks for a better user interface by focusing on the same report, sampling highlight and details for faster response, sticky header so that you don’t lose visibility of any segment, Toggle on or off GTM built-in vars.
  3. Small enhancements that will give additional functionality such as highlighting high/low points, percentage comparison between segments, collapse “Compare to report”, export API request, site search word cloud
  • Upcoming apps that include campaign management, enhanced annotations, tasks, and analysis workflow management


  1. WASP: The web analytics Solution Profiler (WASP) is for advanced users like managers and marketers. It has a lot of features as follows
  2. It has a powerful algorithm that detects all tags
  3. Allows unlimited crawls from 100-10,000 pages on a domain
  • Flexibility to include/exclude specific pages on the website
  1. Tableau reader to detect any exceptions
  2. Runs locally on secured environments and is affordable
  3. Compliance audit to check if the website is following all the norms related to privacy


  1. GTM Sonar: It is used to debug the page template and to check its compatibility with Google tag manager’s auto-event listeners. It has different types of listeners like click listener, link click listener, form submit listener, etc. It mainly focuses on halting the default action of all clicks and also the form submissions. To enable a particular listener you have to choose it and click “Switch on” on the page you need to set up.



  1. DataLayer Inspector+: This tool is yet another chrome extension that provides real-time information. It has features that support development debugging. It adds a GTM container to test it and also it blocks scripts from loading and swapping from other scripts. It has some easy to use options such as Add functionality, control output, other analytics, handy links, basic use, console output, etc.


  1. DataLayer Checker: This extension works great if you need to debug the basic data layer but if you are looking for an advanced one you can go for DataLayer Inspector+ it all depends on your requirements. With the latest update that was released on July 26, 2020, it came up with several new features like flat & Json view, copy to clipboard variables, auto pushes coloring and custom coloring, etc. It can now inject up to 5 GTM containers.


  1. Copy CSS Selector: This extension is useful for getting a selector for any element. It saves a lot of time especially works for testing frameworks like selenium. All you have to do is right-click the website element you want to track and click on the copy CSS selector and paste it in the Google tag manager trigger. It is designed to track the clicks of a particular website element.


  1. GTM variable builder: This extension works great if you are not aware of DOM variables as it creates custom javascript variables and helps in retrieving values of a particular element from the website. All you have to do is highlight any element on the website and click this extension icon. You can see the output in the javascript console in chrome. Whatever you highlighted will be present over there.


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