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As an ownerof business, using SEO Services in Bangalore is the cheapest and fastest way to reach your prospective. Daily more than 1 billion queries occur on Google. People are constantly looking for products/services which you serve. There are almost 400 million websites all across the globe. This is an ethical SEO Services Bangalore based company, servicing clients worldwide. We have a team of SEO and technical experts who will acknowledge your business objectives thoroughly before implementing SEO strategies.

Why you aim to be on 1stpage of Google Search Engine?

All business exists to sell its services/products. But you can’t sell unless your audience is aware of what you are selling and what makes you different from your competitor. This is known as Marketing and Communication. When a customer is looking for a service/product you provide, he/she will never go beyond 1stPage of Google Search. So, as anowner, you expect to get more leads and enquiries if your website ranks higher.

When you look for the term “SEO Services Bangalore”, on Google, you will find several websites promising you great success if you use their SEO services. But, what we will promise you as team who understands business, understands your business objectives and who will work effortlessly to help you achieve those goals.

1 .SEO Audit

If you want to know performance ofwebsite, we can do an SEO audit for you.

There are numerous tools out there which can auto-generate reports for you. But the biggest issue is these reports are ‘of one size that fits all’. We will analyse your website manually, and help you understand how and where you can doimprovementto your website.

What does the SEO Audit Report Contain?

We provide details on the following:

  1. On-Page Factors
  • Meta Description, Page Title, Tag Analysis
  • Blog Analysis
  • Broken Link and Internal Link Analysis
  • HTML and CSS Validation
  • Keyword Analysis
  • SiteMap and Robots files
  • Loading Speed Analysis
  • Crawl Overview
  • Anchor text analysis
  1. SEO Consulting and Services

We will work on the following off-page and on-page SEO strategiesfor few months

  1. On-Page SEO Services
  • URL structure fixes
  • Website Architecture fixes
  • Content Writing
  • Sitemap and Robots
  • Keyword Analysis
  • HTML tag fixes
  • Optimizing Keywords
  • Website Performance Fixes
  • Blog Content Creation and Distribution
  1. Off-Page SEO Services
  • Creation of Backlinks
  • Directory Submissions
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Google Places
  • Social Media Page Management
  • Google Adwords
  • YouTube Video for your site

We tie up with a client for minimum of 3 months for SEO as it’s the least optimum time period to be able to fully reap SEO benefits.You’llget your report every 2 weeks.

BEWARE! Lot of SEO companies will promise you to rank high within short time! They are just malicious. Any company is doing this is either taking you for a ride or using ‘Black Hat’ Techniques which are blacklisted by Google. Also you take time to evaluate whether the SEO Company is taking enough time to understand your business or not.


Is SEOImportant For All Businesses?

The basic reasons why businesses need to have an SEO strategy is

  • SEO helps to build trust among your target audience
  • Organic traffic is the fundamental source of website traffic for most fruitful businesses
  • Results are long term and it is one of the top performing channels with high ROI

How ToGet The Right SEO Agency?

A good agency educates clients about the variation involved and always explains a short term and long term action plan. Always frost on an agency who defines KPIs and expected results in clear timelines.

How Soon My Website Rank On Page 1?

SEO is a long term strategy, relying upon your industry’s competition level; time taken to start your website rank on page 1 differs. For certain industries like E-commerce,fashion etc. time period will be higher than less competitive niches. Estimated time vary between 4-9 months.

How Do I Identify TargetKeywords?

Target keywords will rely upon your SEO aim. First priority always goes to keywords with purchase intend for better ROI from SEO. It is advised to keep a mix of medium and high competition target keywords to start getting returns in a short time.

Is It ARight Time To Invest In SEO?

Yes. This is the best time for any business to take SEO solemnly. As digital marketing is the new norm and businesses are exploring more options to serve clients using less touch options, SEO investment is a safe best.

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