Download SEO and Digital Marketing Templates

On Page SEO Template

Yes, the On page SEO is a method by which we can optimize the website and get more traffic to the website which includes the contents. Basically, the On page SEO template has been made to keep the records and easier to manage multiple projects in one place.

Advantages of the On-page Seo template

  • Using the On-page SEO we can build the enhance traffic to the website.
  • Track all On-page activities in one place.
  • Save the time and does effectively.
  • Manage multiple projects in one template.
  • Can be used anytime for the reference and can be modified easily.
On page Seo
Off Page SEO Template

The Off-page SEO is also the method by which we can optimize the website, however, the technical SEO and some of the link building techniques are used in it. As well as the same as the on-page SEO template you will be able to keep the records and easier to manage multiple projects in one place.

Advantages of the Off-page Seo template.

  • Using the off page SEO we can build the good ranking for the website.
  • Can keep the track of all the information in one place.
  • Saved the time and cost-effective way.
  • Can be used for the reference anytime as all the records will be available in it.
  • Systematic records will be updated for the improved SEO.
Off page seo
Social Media Calendar 2022

The social media calendar is the best plan to manage the things and upcoming events so that you can be ready for the upcoming challenges and manage the things easily.

Advantages of Social Media Calendar

  • By creating the Social media calendar it will save a lot of time.
  • The main part is building the trust by maintaining the consistency on the social media accounts, so you can increase your credibility.
  • Yes, if the calendar has been prepared in the advance then you can also get some help from the team members and can implement the things on it.
  • You can always be organized by planning the social media calendar.
  • Due to the calendar, you will never miss the contents to update on time and will make you timely.
Social media calendar
Competitor Analysis Template

It is one of the most important parts to get more traffic to your website and build a good impression. So nowadays each and every business have the competitor in their business so, we will have to case study about our competitors as well and make a template so that you can improve your website/business from them and get more traffic.

Advantages of the Competitor Analysis template:

  • Keeps track of all the competitors to your business.
  • Can check all the details of the competitors which will help you increase your credibility.
  • Market trends can be checked by differentiating the products/services of the business.
  • Can be used for the timely bases to check the rankings and improve our business.
  • We can check all the criteria, such as PA, DA, searches and many more things and implement them more to our website to gain more profits.
Social media calendar
SEO and Digital Marketing Tool List

There are many tools used for SEO and Digital marketing, I have mentioned some of the best tools for you. You can use them and make some good use of it for the websites and the list are mentioned below.

Social media calendar
Google Ads Campaign Template

Whenever we create the campaigns it is necessary to plan a few things before making or creating the Ads, so that it will be effective for the business as well as be in the budget.

What is inside the template? The template contains 3 tabs and it includes the following:
  • Campaign Planner which will help you for the records, targeting areas, budget in short an overview.
  • Campaign Changelog which will help you to know when the changes need to be done and when it was updated.
  • Keyword builder will help you keep the tracks of the keywords and you will be able to modify them as well if the keywords get updated.
Social media calendar
Keyword Research Template

The keyword research is the most important thing to do. Finding the proper keyword for the website on what people search the most and as well as what will be the search volume, Category and which page has been viewed more.

You will have to keep the above details so that you can get the idea and improve the keywords and the pages viewed so that you can keep the consistency in the SEO.

Social media calendar
Regular Digital Marketing Template

It is very important to keep track of digital marketing strategies and what was the project goal. You will have to maintain the details so that it will be easy for you to determine, what was the progress made by the website.

You will find all the important things in the templates few of them are listed below.
  • National Marketing
  • Local Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Online Web
  • Market Research
  • Campaigns
Social media calendar
FAQ Template

Download FAQ Schema Template for Writing Questions and Answers at one sheet.