Google Data Studio Training

Learn How to Design dashboard reports using Google Data Studio by connecting with different sources like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook and Google Sheets, etc.

Google Data Studio is a FREE tool from Google used for preparing graphical based dashboards.

google data studio

What You Will Learn?

  • How to Connect Data Studio with Different Sources
  • How to picture your information to make amazing reports
  • How to assemble dashboards rapidly and unquestionably
  • How to share and team up on your reports
  • How to reuse dashboard template
  • Create tables reports with subtleties
  • Create reports as scorecards, bar graphs, pie diagrams and different outlines too
  • Create intuitive dashboards
  • Create determined fields for more bits of knowledge
  • Filter reports with Date , Source and Other Options
  • Combine different information sources into a solitary report
  • Export, Schedule and offer reports
  • How to Schedule Reports

Will this suit me?

  • Its Helpfull for Digital Marketer, SEM Expert, SMM Expert and SEO Analyst
  • Online Marketer
  • Product Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Small business Owner

Why Choose Digital Akash?

  • 1:1 Online Training
  • Complete Practical Sessions
  • Flexible Timing
  • Reguler Assignment
  • 10+ Years Industry Experience
Module 1: Basics of Google Data Studio
  • Introduction GDS
  • Benefits of Google Data Studio
  • How Google Data Studio Works
  • Principles of information perception
  • Data Studio Interface highlights
  • Dimensions and Measurements
  • How to Setup Google Data Studio
  • Prepare Basic Report
Module 2: Creating Reports
  • Connecting information sources, including Google Analytics, Search Console, Facebook and Google Sheets etc.
  • Visualizing your information inside Google Data Studio
  • Display Score Card
  • Using Filters with Data Studio
  • Year to Date, Month to Date and Other Key Calculations
  • Comparison to Previous Periods
  • Formatting Tables
  • Creating Pivot Tables
Module 3: Customization in Report
  • Adding a Date Picker and Other Elemets
  • Adding a Diffrent channel and Source control
  • Layout and styling
  • Adding pages and Aligning Elements of Report
  • Using Pie Graphs with Google Data Studio
  • Using the Scatterplot
Module 4: Design Diffrent Types of Dashboards
  • Analytics¬† dashboard
  • Conversion Tracking dashboard
  • Ecommerce Tracking dashboard
  • Social Media dashboard
Module 5: Data Sharing
  • Sharing dashboards
  • Exporting
  • User consents
  • How to Shedule Report
Module 6: Progressed Report
  • Learn Calculated fields
  • Working with Google Sheets
  • Additional alternatives

Google Data Studio Certification

Google Data Studio certification helps you to get a good job in data analytics indutry. google data studio certification is completely free from google.

Google Data Studio Certification

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Google Data Studio course Suitable for me?

Digital Marketer, SEO Analyst and any online marketers can take this course

Pre-requisites for Data studio course?

Basic Knowledge of Analytics

Duration of This Course?

10 Hours

Can i get Certificate?