Top 10 Google Tag Manager extension

Top 10 Google Tag Manager extension

Google Tag Manager (GTM) has revolutionized the way we manage and deploy marketing tags on websites. It offers a streamlined solution for marketers and developers to handle tracking codes without needing constant developer intervention. But did you know that you can enhance GTM’s functionality even further with extensions? Today, we’ll dive into the top 10 Google Tag Manager extensions that can supercharge your tracking capabilities and overall user experience.

1. GTM Debug

GTM Debug is a crucial tool for anyone working with Google Tag Manager. This extension simplifies the debugging process by providing a comprehensive view of all the tags and triggers that fire on your site.


  • Real-time tag firing visualization.
  • Detailed tag information.
  • Easy access to data layers.

2. Tag Assistant (Legacy)

Tag Assistant helps validate the tags on your website and ensure they are correctly installed. This extension is particularly useful for troubleshooting issues with Google Analytics, Google Ads, and other Google tags.


  • Automatic tag validation.
  • Step-by-step troubleshooting guide.
  • Multi-site tag checks.

3. GA Debugger

GA Debugger is an essential extension for anyone using Google Analytics. It allows you to see the data being sent to Google Analytics in real-time, making it easier to troubleshoot and optimize your tracking.


  • Real-time data viewing.
  • Easy access to analytics.js and gtag.js data.
  • Debugging for multiple properties.

4. Data Layer Inspector

Data Layer Inspector is a powerful tool for managing and debugging your data layer. It provides a detailed view of the data being passed to Google Tag Manager, making it easier to implement and troubleshoot complex tracking setups.


  • Real-time data layer monitoring.
  • Detailed data layer visualization.
  • Easy access to data layer history.
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5. Data Slayer

Data Slayer is another fantastic extension for managing and debugging your data layer. It offers real-time insights into the data being sent to Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and other platforms.


  • Real-time data monitoring.
  • Support for multiple platforms.
  • Easy access to data layer events.

6. Elevar

Elevar is a powerful extension designed to enhance your e-commerce tracking capabilities. It simplifies the process of setting up and managing e-commerce tracking tags, ensuring that you capture all the necessary data.


  • Pre-built e-commerce tag templates.
  • Easy tag management.
  • Real-time tracking validation.

7. GTM Tools

GTM Tools is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance your Google Tag Manager experience. It includes features for managing tags, triggers, and variables, as well as tools for debugging and optimizing your setup.


  • Tag management tools.
  • Trigger and variable management.
  • Debugging and optimization tools.

8. Consent Mode

Consent Mode is an essential extension for ensuring that your tracking setup complies with privacy regulations. It helps manage user consent and ensures that your tags are only fired when consent is given.


  • User consent management.
  • Automatic tag firing control.
  • Support for multiple compliance frameworks.

9. Page Performance Monitor

Page Performance Monitor is a valuable tool for tracking the performance of your website. It provides insights into how your tags are impacting page load times and overall performance.


  • Real-time performance monitoring.
  • Detailed performance reports.
  • Easy access to performance data.

10. Custom Event Trigger

Custom Event Trigger is a powerful extension for creating and managing custom triggers in Google Tag Manager. It allows you to define your own triggers based on user interactions and other events.


  • Custom trigger creation.
  • Support for multiple event types.
  • Real-time trigger validation.


Google Tag Manager is already a powerful tool, but with the right extensions, you can take your tracking and tag management to the next level. Whether you’re looking to enhance user experience, improve data accuracy, or ensure compliance with privacy regulations, these top 10 GTM extensions have you covered.

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