Google Tag Manager Training

google tag manager training
What Will I Learn?

  • All about GTM Tool
  • Implement Google Analytics and Other Tools with the help of GTM
  • Handle all scripts with GTM


  • Basic Knowledge of  Digital Marketing
  • Basic Knowledge of Analytics is Advantage if you know
  • If any Online Marketing strategies know means its advantage
  • Basic Knowledge of JavaScript (Not a Mandatory)

Who can Join GTM? 

  • Advantage for Web Developer/SEO Analyst /Digital Marketer
  • Planning to looking for carrier in Online Advertise Marketing
  • Any Graduate can join
  • Specially this course meant for online advertiser

GTM Fundamentals

  • Benefits of Google Tag Manager (GTM)?
  • GTM Overview
  • Why to Implement GTM
  • Data Layer
  • Tags, triggers, and variables
  • Preview and  publish
  • Workspace and Version Management
  • Container Activity

Basic Tracking

  • Creating a GTM container for Website/App
  • Installing Google Analytics with GTM
  • Upgrading to Global Analytics via GTM
  • Implementing Facebook Pixel, AdWords Conversion and other scripts code
  • Cross-domain tracking

Using tags, triggers, and variables

  • File Download tracking
  • link tracking
  • Lead Generation Tracking
  • Transaction Tracking (E-commerce)
  • Server Error Tracking
  • Tracking clicks on HTML elements
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Form submission tracking
  • #Tag tracking
  • 404 error tracking

Implementing Different tracking scripts

  • General strategy for custom tracking
  • Scroll tracking
  • Tracking embedded YouTube videos
  • Deploying 3rd-party tracking pixels and scripts
  • Social Media Traffic Tracking

Implementing Ecommerce features with GTM

  • Custom dimensions & metrics
  • Enhanced Ecommerce (Online Transaction Tracking )

Interface review

  • GTM folders
  • Exporting & importing containers
  • User management
  • Mobile App tracking with GTM
  • Approval Queue
  • Environment
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