Ultimate guide of the top 10 reasons for Facebook advertising

The ultimate guide of the top 10 reasons for Facebook advertising
1. Facebook has a huge customer base:

We can’t deny the fact that Facebook is one of the highest used social media apps worldwide. With the increase in the number of internet users, people are also getting familiarized with social media and no doubt Facebook tops the list. Most of them have the app installed in their mobiles and spend a minimum of 40 minutes a day. Hence it’s a great chance to reach more number of people through Facebook advertising.

2. It is budget-friendly:

Unlike any other forms you don’t have to spend much on Facebook advertising and you don’t have to stress about the investment just for promoting. Facebook advertising is affordable. You can set the budget by yourself and Facebook will stop advertising once you reach the number. You can reach a high number of audiences as compared to the radio ads, billboards, or any other traditional form.

3. You can target the exact audience:

As we know five fingers are not the same, so are humans.

It is useless if you are advertising the products to someone who is not at all interested. With the filter option, Facebook allows you to reach your exact audience based on their behavior, likes, dislikes, interest, etc. With this, you know that you are going in the right direction and the investment that you spent on promoting the products is not going in vain and it is worth it.


4. Retargeting makes it easier:

Now as we have filtered the exact audience, Facebook also allows retargeting which means you can again target the same audience who have shown interest in your ads or products by either downloading the app on mobile, providing their email address or tried contacting you. As the targeted audience knows about your products there are high chances they might reach you again.

5. Easiest set up process:

The setup process is something that usually takes a lot of time, planning, and energy. But with Facebook, you can rest assure as the setup process is much easier and will be finished within minutes. All you have to do is login > create a page> set payment method, budget,> publish the product. And that’s it you are all set to go to welcome your new customers.

6. The custom button plays a key role:

Facebook ads are customizable which means you get to add the buttons of your wish to capture the customer’s record. This also makes your Facebook page user-friendly. The customizable buttons can be like enquire now, contact us, sign up, more information, or website details. These buttons also help the customers to know the complete information about your product and brand before making a decision.

7. Video ads are more effective:

Videos speak more than images. If we scroll or Facebook there are lots of videos in the news feed and that is because videos grab more attention. With Facebook, this option is also available. For example, if your business is of clothes, you can show the video of the entire fabric, design, or someone wearing it so it is easy for the customers to make a decision thus letting them trust you and your brand.

8. Data analytics & measurable:

With Facebook advertising, you can be aware of the number of clicks, impressions, conversions, leads, etc. When you know the numbers you know where you stand and accordingly you can do some changes for better customer experience and more traffic. You can also maintain monthly wise data report to track your improvement.

9. Reach more audience through referrals:

You don’t have to praise your products by yourselves, let the customers do it. When you have targeted your audience your job is done. If your brand and product are impressive and if the customers like your brand they won’t look back to share it on their timeline thus allowing their friends to view it and the chain follows. Your job is to just keep your product up to the mark.

10. Increases website traffic:

With Facebook advertising, you can enhance your website traffic. As we know the customer base for Facebook is high and if they like your page they might click on your website address to know more information. With a single platform of Facebook, many jobs are done including the website traffic enhancement thus leading you one step closer to success.

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Akash Tonasalli is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, SEO Analyst, Consultant and Trainer from Bengalore, Karnataka.