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Top 10 chrome extensions for social media marketing:

Social media plays a very important role in people’s lives today. It is so powerful that it has changed people’s lives and hence marketers are also using social media platforms to promote their products and to reach the maximum audience. Below are some of the extensions that are helpful for social media marketers.

  1. Stay Focused: As the name suggests this chrome extension helps us to stay focused which means it helps to increase productivity. Let us be frank, whenever we sit to work with our laptops/ computers we can’t resist browsing some other sites it can be either social media or watching our favorite series and finally, we end up spending hours together leading to incomplete work and stress. But thanks to the Stay Focused extension that helps to concentrate on our work by blocking the sites that you feel are time-consuming, you can allow specific time to the sites later which it becomes inaccessible even if you want to use it. The link for the extension is given here:
  1. Momentum: Everyone has a busy schedule at work and sometimes it becomes hectic as you have to do so many things on the same day, for example, you have to post advertisements, post blogs/articles, create a month-wise report, talk to the clients, make a presentation ready, etc. In all these things what if you end up doing the work that had the priority?. you never want to mess up things at work. So, to help you stay calm at work and motivate you The Momentum helps you by displaying nice sceneries, inspirational quotes, show the to-do list, see the weather forecast, set daily focus, etc. The link for the extension is:
  1. Grammarly: No one makes mistakes intentionally as we are humans we tend to do errors unknowingly but some mistakes are not accepted at the professional level be it a silly spelling mistake, grammar mistake, or any major one. To help you avoid all these mistakes Grammarly comes into the picture. By adding this extension and just clicking on the icon it will show you if there are any mistakes and also tells if the word is too lengthy and how you can replace it with some other sentence or word thus making your document error-free. Link is as given:
  1. Figure It Out: At work, we often tend to work with international clients and hence we have to work according to their time zones. If it is one country we can calculate and work accordingly but if there are multiple countries it becomes difficult to remember different time zones and hence the Figure It Out extension helps us to remember these. With this extension, you can add up to 10 time zones in a different tab, see the current time of each location, helps in posting and scheduling quickly. The link for this extension is:
  1. LastPass: Today security is the most important thing and we often keep changing our passwords multiple times fearing our account will be hacked and thus we tend to forget our passwords so LastPass saves our information securely and auto-fills the username and passwords automatically while logging in and also saves the address and fills automatically while filling any forms this is very helpful when you are in hurry and you don’t have to write the long addresses again and again. All you have to do is remember one master password. Link is:
  1. Giphy: We all know, how gifs are attractive and eye-catchy. Sometimes adding some gifs in your posts adds that extra fun rather than the same old images but you don’t have to search in your browser for this Thanks to the Giphy extension that allows you to add gifs in the posts of Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc. All you have to do is click on the icon then select from the gifs shown and drag and drop in your post. With this you can make your posts, blogs more interesting. The link for the same is:
  1. Diigo Web collector highlighter: This extension is like a small package with many features for example if you have to open a particular link frequently you can bookmark it, if you want to study some of the pages later you can archive it, if there is something important in a blog or article and you just need those point you can highlight it, you can add stickies as a reminder as well. This extension works great for social media marketers as they have to do a lot of research and pick up some important points from different articles. It is also secured as it won’t store any of your data unless you choose to send it to Diigo. Link is:
  1. Session Buddy: This extension is useful when you have to work with many tabs altogether and sometimes we forget if we have opened the tab, or forget where the tab is and end up opening it again. Sometimes it might also happen because of some technical glitch your system restarts and everything is gone. This creates a lot of problems. Session buddy helps in managing the tabs in an organized way where you can save all the tabs in one place and restore them later even after a crash. Link is:
  1. WhatFont: Your blogs, posts, articles are loved by the audience when it is unique and if the content is impressive but what will attract more is the font that you have used. If the font is something different from the regular one people will start exploring your content. WhatFont is one such extension where you can use any fonts that you have liked from any website. All you have to do is click on the extension and move the cursor over the font on the website that you have like and you will get all the information including the font-family, style, size, etc. Link is:
  1. RiteTag: We all know how much hashtags tags are trending these days. With every day there will be some hashtag that will be trending. So, if you want your posts to be effective and are not sure about which hashtags to use RiteTag comes to the rescue. This extension is very much useful to social media marketers. It provides hashtags for both images and text. Just click on the image or text and click generate hashtags and select the one from the suggestions. It also shows the strength of the hashtags that means how effective and strong it is Link is:

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