14 Beneficial Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers:

Google Chrome extensions are small programs that provide extra functionality as per individual needs and help in customizing the browsing experience. The main purpose is to provide good functionality with less intent.

We have always known the fact that smart work is better than hard work. So, these extensions below will make a marketer life easier and also fetch fast results.

1. Grammarly:

This extension is very useful as it identifies if there are any grammatical mistakes in the article which you have written and also suggests what words must be replaced. You might be good at grammar but as human beings, we tend to make mistakes and if the article is something very important that you need to publish somewhere, grammatical errors are not appreciated so it is good to have this extension to avoid any mistakes.
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2. BuzzSumo:

This extension is a very important tool for all the marketers over there. BuzzSumo allows you to check the performance metrics of a particular blog, article, etc. That means you will know how many shares are there , clicks, engagements pins, etc. You can also check your competitor’s website, article, or blog that was published. With these results, you will know where you stand and can improve performance.

3. Keyword surfer:

Keyword surfer
As a digital marketer if you want to know what is the volume of a query that you entered in Google the keyword surfer provides you the statistics volume globally and within your region, it also provides the search results of the top 10 keywords of similar query
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4. MozBar:

This is a free Google chrome extension that provides you the insights of the web pages that mean metrics like domain authority, page authority, number of backlinks for sites, page analysis, page optimization when you search for domains and pages. It works differently with search engines and individual web pages.
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5. SimilarWeb:

This extension is also useful to gain the insights of a particular website but additionally with just one click you can also see how much traffic the particular website is getting, what are the traffic sources, and the amount of money spent on the paid content. Indeed the best extension to keep an eye on your competitor.
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6. Redirect Path:

redirect path
Every individual wants their website to perform without any issues because that is when you get more traffic. Redirect path is an extension that tells you if your website is having any technical issues and the reason if it is performing slowly. The error will be in red and once it is fixed it will turn to green.
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7. Goggle page speed:

google page speed
A website and its pages need to perform fast if not users will say goodbye to your website and will jump to your competitor’s which we don’t want. Google page speed is one such extension that measures the performance of a website based on various factors and gives a ranking from 0-100. The higher the number better is performance. It works on mobile devices and desktops

8. SEO Meta in 1 click:

seo meta one click
With this tool, you get all the SEO information of a website in a click basically, it is categorized into 5 things.

i) Summary: it gives a brief description of the page
ii) Headers: it gives information about all h1 tags
iii) Images: it displays the number of images a website has
iv) Links: it gives the number of all internal & external links
v) Social: provides information about social media graph
vi). External tools: recommends other tools helpful for SEO.
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9. Hunter:

This extension allows you to find the email addresses for the website you visit and it autosaves. Along with the email, you also get information like phone numbers, social media handles, and names so you don’t have to scratch your head in searching the contact information of the right person.
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10. Majestic backlink analyzer:

Mejestic backlink analyzer
This extension provides information about the strength of the page based on the backlink information. It focuses on backlink analysis
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11. Boomerang for Gmail:

boomerang for gmail
If you are a person who has to work a lot on emails this extension is your best friend. Boomerang allows you to schedule emails at a later time. You can write the content and send the emails at a particular time even if you are not online. Also, you can track messages and keep reminders.
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12. Linkclump:

This is an extension that allows you to open multiple links at one time. All you have to do is hold the right button>and draw a box around the link you want to open. You can also open in a new window and add as bookmarks.
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13. Liner:

if you are a reader and like to highlight the information which catches your eye this extension is very helpful. The Liner allows you to highlight the sentences on the web page. You have to just turn on the highlight mode and drag the mouse over the sentences. You can also save the sentences.
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14. One click extension manager:

One click extension manager
This is a tool for chrome helpful for managing all the extensions in one place. You can enable, disable the extensions more quickly. You can disable many extensions at one time, and delete as well.
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About the author

Akash Tonasalli is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, SEO Analyst, Consultant and Trainer from Bengalore, Karnataka.