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How to increase Youtube subscribers?

Youtube is one of the largest social media platforms and the second largest search engine where internet users spend most of their time. We can’t deny the fact that somewhere it has become our favorite pass time where we spend hours together watching what we like and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

In this modern era, Youtube has become “The digital friend” and one of the best platforms to gain knowledge, share knowledge, showcase talent, watch favorite movies, keep ourselves updated about the latest trends, current affairs, etc. People who cannot afford to join classes in which they want to build their career believe youtube as an inspiration and learn from it. There are millions of users worldwide who enjoy using Youtube. Apart from getting knowledge, some people want to share their knowledge which is the greatest thing ever. Youtube is not limited to any specific topic or field as anyone can learn anything from it. During this pandemic, we have seen how Dalgona coffee became famous and how sportingly everyone took this challenge by learning on youtube and uploaded it on their channels and also how everyone showed their master chef skills.

Apart from just learning, teaching, and binge-watching,  youtube can also be a source of income by monetizing the channel but as we know “great things don’t come for free” you have to earn your subscribers and this is only possible with hard work. If people like your content and if you get more subscribers on the channel no one can stop you from becoming a star.

Many of us have often thought about creating a Youtube channel but took a step back for some reason. Apart from working hard, there are many other things to earn more subscribers as mentioned below.

  1. Create incredible content: The first important thing to remember is your content must be of top quality to attract the audience. For example, if you are uploading a video on a topic say ‘importance of digital marketing’ there are thousands of people who will be uploading the video on the same topic. So, to stand out in the crowd your content must be unique and worth watching.
  1. Create attractive thumbnails: As we know “The first impression is the best one” the first thing the users will see while scrolling the youtube page is the thumbnail. With thumbnail, people will decide if they want to click on your video and see the content. You can keep the best part of your videos as a thumbnail with a catchy tagline. If the thumbnail is attractive you will get more views and hence more chances of conversion to a subscriber.
  1. Create impressive headlines: Just like the thumbnails headlines also play a very important role so adopt it gradually as days pass on. Your headline must include the keyword that the video is all about so that the users who are searching for that particular video will know that your video covers the topic.
  1. Emphasize in the description part: The description of your video will give the audience a clear idea about what is covered in the video and if the video is useful for them. When your video appears in the search results the users will get show more option where they can read what is the video all about hence make sure it is good enough to get those views.
  1. Keep videos shorter: Although the video depends on the topic you choose, it is always better to keep the video short but interesting. Even if the video is short make sure you cover all the important sub-topics or create multiple videos like several parts on the same content. This way you will keep posting frequently and it won’t be boring for the users as well.
  1. Be consistent in posting: your subscribers expect a lot from your channel and hence you don’t want to disappoint them. Giving a long gap in posting videos may want the subscribers to change their decision of unsubscribing the channel so it is necessary to keep posting frequently so that they know you are active and will keep them entertained.
  1. Take the help of youtube advertising: if you have a good amount of subscribers the advertisers will contact you to display their ads and this way you can make a good profit but monetizing your channel. In some cases, the advertisers may even ask you to review their product so you can make sponsored videos as well. This way you get more views and subscribers.
  1. Optimize your channel: Every search engine has its ranking format where based on the ranking your video/ blog appears on the search results else even if you video content is good people will be unable to view it as it is not appearing in the top list of the search results hence it is important to optimize the channel. The ranking depends on three important factors like the thumbnail, description, headline.
  1. Engage the audience: Its always important to have two-way communication instead of just you speaking all the time so make sure you interact with your people frequently you can do it either by going live on your channel, holding a Q&A session, or replying to them on the comments and asking them what they would like to see next. This way the audience will know more about you and hence will stay connected to your channel.
  1. Good video quality: last but not the least, the quality of your video decides everything. We are not asking you to buy some professional cameras for this but the sound quality, image quality must be good enough so that the audience can at least understand what you are trying to convey and relate to you through your videos.

About the author

Akash Tonasalli is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, SEO Analyst, Consultant and Trainer from Bengalore, Karnataka.