Major eight benefits of Google data studio.

Major eight benefits of Google data studio.

We all know the fact that reporting is not an easy task. From reformatting the table, graphs to having the numbers and figures right it takes a lot of time and patience. After all those struggles when you finally create a spreadsheet it is disappointing to know if the end-users or any other person is unable to understand your report or if it is not readable by others especially the clients. This can create a bad impression of you and your company. To avoid all these bad times we have one such tool which will make reporting more fun and will make you love your work. We are talking about Google data studio.

Data Studio is a tool offered by Google that lets you create reports in customizable, appealing, easy to use, easy to share dashboards, and reports. Google data studio will make the tedious job of reporting a lot easier and faster.

Some of the major benefits of Google data studio are as follows:

  1. It is all free: Google data studio is a savior for you that too for free. You can use its features at no cost. Data Studio is a product of the Google family so you can use your same Google account to access data studio. You can also upgrade the account but it completely depends on your requirements. If your work is completed by the free version there is no need for it. The paid version is useful when you want to use the third party data connectors.
  1. Data blending: By default, in your spreadsheets, you can pull data from only one source but with the recent update, the Google data studio will allow you to combine data from multiple sources thus discarding separate reports for different graphs. Google data studio has metrics and dimensions from the most important marketing platforms. It includes data sources from platforms like Facebook ads, Google Analytics, Hubspot, etc.
  1. It is customizable: Instead of doing everything manually or instead of working on just the blank sheets Google data studio allows you to customize your reports the way you want. There are several widgets, charts, templates, fonts, colors to choose from to make your reports unique, and of course, it saves a lot of time if you are using an existing template. With the customize option the charts will be more attractive. It completely depends on the requirements if you just want to use a blank sheet or want a customized report.
  1. Displays live data: Google data studio pulls live data from various platforms like Youtube, Google ads, Google analytics to create real-time dashboards. Your clients might be having different requirements every time for example, if someday they ask you to send live data the second day they might ask you to send data of previous weeks, creating a new report altogether might be a tedious job but thanks to Google data studio which has a feature to modify dates and get past data. This is a very useful option that helps in analyzing and comparing the data.
  1. Sharing reports made easier: Google data studio allows you to share the reports as easily as you would send a google document all you have to do is send the link which remains constant. Anyone can bookmark the link if they want access to the report frequently. You can allow the recipients to view, comment, and also edit the report. You can work with your colleague on the same report at the same time. Also to maintain data security you can allow user-specific permissions like if you don’t want someone to do the changes you can set it to read-only format.
  1. It is time-saving: One of the major benefits of Google data studio is it saves a lot of time. As mentioned earlier it has some templates already available that you can choose from according to your company’s logo, brand, design. Also once you have set up the report for a website data studio will automatically update the live report so there is no need to create a report all over again for the same website when the data is changing. This saves your time thus allowing you to focus on other important things.
  1. Data analytics is easier: Data analytics is very important in every company to track the performance and see the growth rate. With the Google Data Studio, analytics becomes much easier because of the feature of filtering the date ranges in the charts to extract the previous data. Data segmentation is clear in this. With data analytics, you can see what strategy is working for you and which is not with the success rate and the previous month’s data.
  1. Data from multiple sources: The Google data studio itself has around 108 connectors through which you can pull the data. By default, it pulls the data from Google Analytics, Youtube, Google ads. Apart from these, you can pull the data from third party sources like Facebook, bling, and many more. So it allows you to create attractive reports from a range of sources with just one click.

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