Difference between content writing and copywriting.

If  you wish to be a writer; write!”– Epictetus


Writing is an art and a writer is an artist. Not everyone can express themselves through their writing. A writer conveys a message through his writing. At the career level, there are different forms of writing like content writing, copywriting, etc., and the one who writes them is called the content writer and copywriter. Although both might sound similar they have differences and in this article, first, we will know what both of them individually are and also about the difference between content writing and copywriting.

Content writing :

Content writing is the process of expressing thoughts about a particular topic. The topic/content can be for any company websites, it can be for any educational institutes, pharmacy, or any govt and private sectors. Apart from that the one which is most trending today in the world of social media is blogs. A content writer can also be a blogger who writes blogs, articles. content writing should not be just long writing without any meaning instead it should be unique, creative, informative, and fun to read.


Most people get confused about the term copywriting because of the terminology and assume it to be just copying and pasting the content which is not true. Copywriting is the art of writing about a product or service and convincing the audience to take some action. The action can include buying a product, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading a report, etc. It is like the promotion of a product or an advertisement. Copywriting is usually short and can be a tagline, a phrase that is suitable for the product and attractive to the users.

Difference between copywriting and content writing.

  1. The definition: copywriting is about using words to convince people to buy a product or take any similar action. It is like sales. They are mostly published on social media and create brand awareness whereas, content writing is informative and educational to the readers and mainly is done for websites, blogs, articles, etc.
  1. The main focus: The main focus of copywriting is to generate sales and convert them into leads. It won’t be wrong to say copywriting is nothing but sales whereas, content writing mainly focuses on educating the readers, engaging them, and establishing trust. The content is usually informative enough so that the readers can gain some knowledge out of it.


  1. The form of copy: In copywriting the content is usually short like a sentence or a phrase but is impressive enough to attract the users to take some action whereas, content writing is long, descriptive, and may include paragraphs which give detailed information about the topic although content writing is long it should be unique.


  1. The strategy: copywriting is meant for a short term strategy that means by seeing at the advertisement or the promotional event you can if the ad is good and impressive enough, also the metrics are measurable in the short term whereas, content writing is a long term strategy where the results and metrics can take a little longer.


  1. For whom they write: as copywriting is nothing but sales they usually write copy for ads, taglines, slogans, billboards, catalogs, social media, video scripts, etc whereas in content writing the content is for articles, blogs, post, books, e-books, etc.


  1. About SEO: copywriting involves just good knowledge of SEO whereas content writing is more focused on SEO and concentrates on the keyword strategy and many more techniques and tools to get the web page optimized.

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