YouTube tutorial to manage channel and videos

How to optimize YouTube channel?

1. Update profile and the cover picture of the Account:

First thing update interesting cover or profile picture(Logo for profile picture). The pictures should be related to your nature of business / Products / Services  and that must explain something about your business.

youtube profile cover photo

2. Update description of the channel with social media links:

Without a YouTube channel description, visitors won’t be aware of what you are offering and they have minimal time to see about each and every video. Adding helpful text to the description will make the audience to get to know you better.

description with social link

Inside About page of the channel, you can update the brief description about your channel. You can also add emoji icon in the description with suitable links. Below the description update social media links like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram  etc.

3. Customize URL of the channel:

Custom URL

If your channel is eligible, you can give your audience an easy-to-remember web address, called a custom URL, for your YouTube channel. You can choose a custom URL based on things like your YouTube username, display name, any current URLs that you have, or the name of your linked website.

Adding custom URL

4. Add a keyword for optimizing the channel:

Adding the right keyword to your channel is very important. By optimizing the keyword, you can boost the rankings on your channel. It gives the information about your channel.

channel keywords

They help YouTube understand your target audience and the type of content you produce. Keyword optimization might also increase the visibility of your channel on YouTube.

5. Set a latest featured video:

One of the greatest features of YouTube is the ability to customize your channel and add a featured video.
It is one of the popular videos among the viewers. It’s not a paid placements or advertisement but features the contents from the partners with whom we have a commercial relationship.

6. Use catchy names for remembering/branding:

Make use of catchy names for the brand so that people can remember them easily. While searching it will be easy for the users to remember the name and access the videos.

How to optimize video?

1. Optimize a title, description, and tags:

Title: It shows the contents of the video or what the video is all about. The title is very important to give the relevant information.

Description: Write the description of the video with adding relevant links of the website Even you can link social media profile path.
If the description is quite interesting, the visitors would like to visit your video.text description tag
Tags: Specify the category of the video. By specifying you can add to the relevant categories.

2. Use suitable emoji icons in the title and description:

Since the emoji icons are becoming very popular, the audience will be more attracted to this and it will help in promoting the videos much faster. You can add the related emoji icon in the title and description of the video.

3. Post quality and interesting topic:

Make a video on what you are excited about. Give your best to your audience by posting a good quality video. Visitors satisfaction is very important.
Come up with the great ideas and post some new interesting topics. You will need to figure out what viewers like so that you can add some useful videos. Visitors always expect new things and this will increase your audience.

4. Choose great thumbnails for your videos:

This is very simple. Pick an image that users are going to be interested in and could possibly generate lots of clicks.


Custom thumbnails that are persistent with your videos will help you in creating a memorable brand that your target audience can easily identify. In order to get these custom thumbnails for your videos, your account needs to be verified.

5. Use suitable hashtags in the video:

It’s an easy way to find videos about popular topics. You can make use of hashtags in video titles or descriptions to help viewers find your video when they search for an exact hashtag.

6. Try creating playlists:

You can develop videos in a series. When you play it in the YouTube playlists it will add the next recommended video in the playlist and will be played automatically. If the audience has turned the auto play on, the videos will be played one after the other.


7. Engage with your audience and keep an eye on their comments:

Try to check the comments of your audience on a regular basis so that you can discuss their opinion and delete some of the bad comments.

audience comments

8. Add a relevant video at the end of every video:


At the end of your YouTube videos, you can add some of the elements. Here your viewers can check out other videos, channels, or playlists.

Add element

You can also ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel by adding the subscribed element at the end screen.

How to choose a topic for making the video?

1. Choose a trendy topic:

Figure out the latest trendy topics and try to make new videos on such topics. You can choose trending topics in many ways like social media, Quora, Google Tools etc.

By choosing trendy topics, you will have more visitors and it will help with the business growth. You need to find the perfect fit for your audience and yourself.

2. Find the topics from the sources like Twitter, Facebook, Bloggers etc:

There are some of the sources where you can find the trending topics. You will need to be active in social media like bloggers where you can choose the topics and explain them with quality contents.

It is easy to find the topics in social media accounts. You can also observe the most popular topics from the newsfeed and write something in which your social media friends are interested in.

3. Topics in which your audience are interested:

First know your target audience. There is nothing more essential, important, and critical to blog success than knowing your audience.

You will need to select and write a topic in a way that your audience is familiar with. This is the best way to stay connected with your audience.

4. Reviewing videos on some products:

You can definitely make some review videos on movies, grocery, gaming etc. For example, you can watch a particular movie and give an honest review of that movie. Same applies to grocery and some other products.

The audience will purchase products based on your reviews and this review videos on certain products will be helpful for them. You can choose a review video daily and create a review video on that product.

About the author

Akash Tonasalli is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, SEO Analyst, Consultant and Trainer from Bengalore, Karnataka.