Why Building Your LinkedIn Profile Is So Important

LinkedIn is another social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. LinkedIn is a social network mainly designed for businesses and working professionals. A big tech company, Microsoft, owns LinkedIn. LinkedIn is primarily used for making connections, sharing experiences and resumes, and job searching. This article will show why building your LinkedIn profile is so Important.

Most companies create their profiles on LinkedIn as a marketing strategy for their potential partners. Also, to post job openings, which users can apply for. Generally, people make their profiles on LinkedIn, which act as CVs, and endorse their skills online. And, of course, it will be used for networking. LinkedIn collects data from these profiles and gives it to companies for data-driven insights.

Important Steps for Building a Profile on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile will be the professional landing page that will speak about your brand. Your LinkedIn profile will be your dashboard, where anyone can find you and stay updated about your activities. Here, we are sharing some tips which will help you in building your LinkedIn profile for free.

Add a professional profile picture: A decent profile photo will increase the credibility of your profile—chances of viewing such profiles increases by 21%. You can also add some background images to personalize your profile.

Make a catchy headline: You can create a headline showing your position, and through it, you can also promote your area of expertise. This is one of the best building your LinkedIn profile tips.

Write a Summary: Briefly describe your professional goal and expertise in the about section.
• Mention your educational background and relevant work experience: Mention your professional experiences that align with current career goals and support educational certificates.

Add relevant skills: Write your relevant skills and get an endorsement from recruiters and colleagues.

Main Features of LinkedIn

Before really making a LinkedIn profile, you must know building your LinkedIn profile details. Here we mention the main features of LinkedIn.

Keeping in touch: Working people keep changing jobs and growing their job profiles through new opportunities. LinkedIn helps users stay updated about their professional networks, where they work, and how to connect with them.

Getting help: if any user cannot solve their business problem within their network, then the LinkedIn group will connect them with the experts.

Easy job search: LinkedIn keeps posting about upcoming jobs. And when you apply here, your applications will be sent directly to the potential employers.

Recruitment of new employees: LinkedIn also made easy the hiring process. Through LinkedIn, companies will find career skills with the right experience in demand.

Why Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile Is Important

If you are thinking of building a professional LinkedIn profile, it will also help you build your LinkedIn network. There is a lot of importance in building a professional LinkedIn Profile; here we are giving a few of them.

1. Increase connectivity: If you are looking forward to connecting with professionals from different industries and domains, you must be active on LinkedIn. You can increase your network all around the world. One can connect with like-minded people.

2. Stay updated on new jobs: Through LinkedIn, you will stay updated about the hiring trends of different companies. You will be updated about new job postings by just following the company’s page on LinkedIn.

3. Appear quickly in recruiter’s search: If you have an updated LinkedIn profile, you will rank at the top of the google search. This will increase your chances of getting viewed by the employer. It is easy for recruiters, and you will get a job offer here.

4. Global appearance: once you have an updated LinkedIn profile, you will be visible worldwide. There will be no country barriers. You just have to optimize your LinkedIn profile with the right kind of keywords and content.

5. Personal branding: You will create a brand by developing a decent LinkedIn profile. You can write the skills you are an expert in. And people who know you and work with you will endorse you for those skills. They can also write a testimonial for you. It makes your profile more interesting. It is good to know a person endorsed by their senabouts. So, it would be best if you thought about building your LinkedIn profile yourself.

6. A professional diary: LinkedIn will be a diary where you list all your achievements. Whenever you get an award, take on a new project, or volunteer any task, you can update that on your LinkedIn profile. By doing so, you will never miss any details that the recruiter must know to hire you.

7. Authentic and Trustworthy: Having a LinkedIn profile will build trust among your connections. LinkedIn is real as it takes accurate and original information. Also, you will upload your real and professional photo. All these things make LinkedIn trustworthy. So, it would be best if you thought of building your LinkedIn profile now.

8. Unique about you section: You cannot copy-paste anything in the summary section. You have to think and write about yourself. You have to write about your work experience, and the challenges faced. How you overcome your challenges.

9. Active job search: Generally, you send the resume to the recruiter and wait as a passive job seeker. But on LinkedIn, you can actively follow up with the company and hiring manager. You will look like a proactive professional.

10. Know more about the people: Today, LinkedIn is the place where people share their knowledge. Here you can discuss your queries with people and various topics in your Industry. You share your values and thoughts and get to know them in a much better way.


In this article, we have understood that building your LinkedIn profile as a student or as an Individual is a precious investment. Having a LinkedIn profile will help you in your career growth. Get in touch with mentors and experts and get their guidance. In today’s world, building a LinkedIn account is the minimum requirement to be successful.

About the author

Akash Tonasalli is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, SEO Analyst, Consultant and Trainer from Bengalore, Karnataka.