Top 10 Benefits of Linkedinfor Students

Top 10 Benefits of Linkedin for Students

LinkedIn is the largest social network. It is just like Facebook and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are used for personal growth, but LinkedIn is used for professional development and networking. Here you can connect with professionals, share and learn for career growth. This is a very successful platform for career growth, but most people must be aware of its benefits. In this article, we will find out many benefits of LinkedIn for students.

Uses of Linkedin

Most employers use LinkedIn to screen and recruit suitable candidates for them. That is why anyone must use Linkedin and have an updated profile page. One can increase the network by sending a connection request to many. By making a good network, you will get skill endorsements, you can ask for recommendations, and you will get new job opportunities. You can also join groups of various industries, companies, or occupations. There are many benefits of LinkedIn for employees. In short, Linkedin is mainly used for the following purposes:

  • Get in touch with old colleagues.
  • Present your profile as a Resume.
  • Find and apply for new jobs.
  • Get better connectivity with new professionals.
  • Search and get involved with new groups.
  • Write and publish what you know.

Benefits of Linkedin for Students

In 2023, LinkedIn will be much more than just a social networking site. That is why every college student must have an updated LinkedIn account. Here we are discussing the top benefits of LinkedIn for college students.

1- Employment Opportunities: This is the best platform to approach for the jobs you like worldwide and get selected for it. In the olden days, students got jobs through connections. Now, companies update their profile on Linkedin regularly. Students can approach companies directly. This is one of the most significant advantages of LinkedIn for students.

2- Stay connected and increase your network: Linkedin is also a good search tool. You can find the people of your industry and be connected with them. You will be updated with the changes happening around you. This is also one of the benefits of LinkedIn for students and teachers.

3- You can promote your brand: There are lots of groups on Linkedin. You can join any group in your relevant industry. You can discuss any pertinent topics here. Share your interest. People will notice you; they will know about your skills and brands. Then you will start getting offers. This is one of the other benefits of LinkedIn for student development.

4- Get positive social Images: According to recent trends, employers check the candidates’ attitudes on social media. If you have a decent LinkedIn account, it shows that you are committed to your work. This is one of the other benefits of LinkedIn for students and freshers.

5- Get job alerts: There is a job alert feature on Linkedin. If you are studying abroad, then have a Linkedin account. As you will complete your studies, you will get notified about new job openings in companies through these job alerts. You will be ahead of others. It is one of the top benefits of LinkedIn for students online.

6- Get to know employers and recruiters of your Industry: According to research, 93 % of employers are on Linkedin. You get to learn more about their company and companies’ values. So that you can land your dream job quickly, you can use it as a benefit of LinkedIn for networking.

7- You can prove your knowledge and dedication: when you write a good summary of your work in your profile and keep posting articles consistently, it will show your dedication. Employers will choose you by looking at your knowledge and commitment.

8- Increase your online presence: it will rank your name on the top Google search. Today employers or hr managers first google your name on the internet. If you have a solid online presence and an excellent online portfolio, it will be easy for you to grab a high-paying job.

9- Show your skillset and get endorsement: You can showcase your skill set by sharing your work and mentioning them. Your friends, family, or colleagues will endorse you for those skills on your link dine.

10- Stay updated: find informative and helpful posts about your industry on Linkedin. You will be aware of happenings in your industry. You will get to know featured business news and get motivational and educational articles on various topics. You will learn and acquire knowledge of more cases.


So, whether you are a single individual looking for networking or a job seeker wanting to get information for your career, Linkedin is the best place to invest time. As a student, you can use Linkedin for many things. This article mentions the Top 10 Benefits of LinkedIn for students. For more news and career-related solutions, you can follow our website!!

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Akash Tonasalli is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, SEO Analyst, Consultant and Trainer from Bengalore, Karnataka.