Difference between Internship and Training

Difference between Internship and Training

Difference between Internship and Training

Internships and training are similar enough to get confused in that both help you deepen your skills and put the obtained knowledge to practical use, still there are a lot of differences between them. An internship is the trailer of a job before the actual job where students apply the knowledge they have learned through academics in a practical, workplace. It makes the candidate experience the work in a specific career field and get relevant knowledge and skills. Training is likely a skill-learning program where your present employers train you on a particular skill or domain. It is conducted for both freshers and also for experienced employees to keep them upgraded. Training is likely more an education program where stress is on practical learning than notional theatrical learning.

Expectations from You

During internships, you are given projects/assignments and they should be delivered on time as expected. The intern needs to give a detailed report about the work he/she has done during the internship tenure to their reporting manager. Whereas in training, you are generally expected to learn things and in a few cases, you might be asked to do documentation and reports.

Contract of Employment

Training is only given once a candidate is hired by the company or is already working for the company for some time. That means after the completion of training, the candidate will continue to be an employee for the same company. There is no case of an employment contract between an intern and his company. Once the internship is completed, the employer may make an offer for full-time employment. However, the intern’s wish as he is free to reject or accept the offer.

Paid Vs Unpaid

Internships might be paid or unpaid depending on the position but during training, a candidate is on the company’s payroll and is always paid as per his/her present salary.


The training duration varies depending upon the subject and can be from anything between 15 to 45 days. In some cases, the training program for ‘freshers’ lasts up to 2 months. Internships are longer than training and the duration for it is at least 3–6 months. Very few internships can last as long as 12 months.

Last But Not the Least!

Even though both training and internship differ from one another, both are essential for the growth of an individual as a professional. An internship gives practical knowledge of theory whereas good training helps in enhancing the employee’s performance. Internship works as a doorway to getting a good job, training helps you move forward in your current job.

Are interns and trainees the same?

Many times, an internship involves working towards getting certified which will help you in your career and gives you a good push. You’ll find few internships are paid, whereas others aren’t. An apprenticeship, on the other hand, is a training program, provided by employers to train new staff for a particular role.

Does internship mean training?

The internship is professional learning that offers meaningful, practical work experience related to a student’s field of interest. And also it gives a student the opportunity to exploration and development in their career, and learn new skills.

Is training better or an internship?

An internship offers practical application of theory whereas good training helps in enhancing the employee’s efficiency. An internship opens the door to getting a permanent job, training helps you rise in your current job.

Do I get paid as a trainee?

Oops! Won’t get paid to do a traineeship moreover if you ask for Universal Credit can continue to do so and you will not be in debt

Is trainee a work experience?

Working in a company after graduation is it as a trainee or anything else is considered work experience. Usually, everyone has a 1-year beginning phase as a training phase only.

Do you get paid for training?

So, if there’s a request that an employee undertakes training that’s required for their job, then this is required to be paid – even if the training takes place after the employee’s normal work hours.


These two terms are very similar to each other but in reality, checks are different and can become annoying if you don’t focus. Training and Internship are such terms by which people usually get confused and do not know much about them. Finger’s crossed, after reading this article that would have changed their opinion. The important difference between an internship and an apprenticeship is that an internship is a training program in which the undergraduates obtain work-related experiences, while training provides the apprentice with industrial training. Moreover, these both training programs are crucial as they offer the trainee with entry-level job experience.

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