Benefits of Internship

What is an internship?

Internship is an experience of learning professionally at the of intern’s interest. It is related to work of student’s field of study or in their career interest. It is meaningful and practical work of interns.

Internship is a best opportunity to students for carrier exploration to learn new skills. In internship, an intern can work for free or little pay according to their interest.

Let us see an example

when a student will work in a company as employe for free over internship period in order to learn what the actual work is in field of working.

Beneficial of internship as

Confidence and initiative

In internship, an intern will learn about confidence and initiative. Confidence and initiative are the biggest lessons that intern will learn as the first lesson in their internship period. As we all know that, everyone will have their own work in company so, Guides and trainee don’t have time to care always.

Interns should take initiative to ask questions, which will help them to grasp knowledge and to learn new things. The confidence built from experiences doing internship, intern will get a confidence to find a job in their career field.

Communication and teamwork skills

The internship will help to improve communication and teamwork skills. Teamwork is the most important aspect in every work. As there is a proverbial phase that “there is a strength in unity”. As this, some works will be successful in improve our team work firstly we have to improve our communication skills to keep in touch with everyone and to make all employees feel free to talk.

Experience of corporate world

By doing internship, interns will experience he job day by day. And they will understand how to survive in this corporate and growing world.

Understanding of real work

Interns will understand that the difference between book knowledge and the real work of field and the effect of academic knowledge to working conditions.

Internship is an understanding of career earlier than graduation. Students will do their internship in last semester of their graduate degree, so to understand their future work.

Improvement of managing skills

Internship will enhance time and work managing skills. Interns will get one project which will be told to complete in the specified time during their internship period. By this intern will learn how to manage time and how to use their skills to improve and finish that given project.

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Helps to get a job

If intern will work well and it is positive experience for an intern and the surrounded people of intern also feel helpful from intern, intern could be hired as a permanent employee for their company.

Internship is employment training, in which manager will observe an intern’s work in various situations and the dedication towards work to hire that person to be an employee for their company.

Reference and recommendations

Internship will help interns to secure good references and recommendations. The supervisors and guides, you meet during the internship period will be known you and will be observed you personally.

And they will be known your developing skills. The more hardworking you are, the more likely managers are willing to recommend you as a intern. The reference, interns will get by internship will be a valuable in job searches.

Professional network and professional skills

Internship will create a professional network. During internship period, interns will meet new persons day by day in their career field, which will help to recommend for open positions. As interns will meet professionals, which will be most valuable connection for their future jobs.

For professionals, soft skills are most important than technical skills. Soft skills such as communication, leadership, problem solving and team work can be learned in this internship period. Some internship will be paid internship also, so, interns will receive financial compensation which will help students financially.

Difference between Internship and Training

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