Digital marketing guide

Digital marketing guide 2023

Digital marketing guide 2023

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Now let’s address everything you should know about Digital Marketing, the modern updates and techniques, and how to become a leading Digital Marketer.

What is Digital Marketing?

In 2023, where around 4.7 million people work a day online.
Why wait to channelize our brand online, where you’re with huge market space, where you’re with huge profit making chances, where you’re with huge followers in future, and where you’re with a good team of digital marketing.

This Advanced Guide to Digital Marketing, will explore the who, why, how, and what, of all things it does. Let’s go:-

‍So what’s Digital Marketing?

Nice question. Before we answer that we first need to know from where it derived, better called traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is to connect with a brand’s customers at the right place and right time. So examples of this would be things like Navratri dresses, magazine ads, festival deals, and radio. Currently, the place where we communicate is the internet, or online. Digital marketing is any form of marketing communication that takes place online, generally via a device like a computer, mobile or tablet. We finally would see these different marketing efforts by way of search engines, social media, video, emails, and also, text marketing (SMS).

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become interchangeable with growing brand awareness, attracting and increasing audiences, and driving traffic or conversions. It’s an important part of modern day business as more and more of us take their products and services online. With such a huge audience and many consumers taking their business online; how would you reach them? Here’s where digital marketing enters. Depending on the business goal, various digital marketing tools can be used, a few of which we’ll explore in the upcoming sections, but the reason businesses moved to digital marketing from traditional forms is here for some key benefits:

  • Digital marketing can reach worldwide audiences.
  • It’s staggeringly cost-effective vs traditional marketing.
  • Quite easier to personalize your Marketing.
  • It allows you to build and develop connections over time.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Before you can start blabbing out excellent marketing materials it’s quite good to have a strategy for how to get there. Growth hacking term is currently booming in the digital space. You’ll just fed up with before we could finish explaining what exactly growth hacking is so we’ll read it like this instead:

“Growth hacking is something like adopting a curious mind that craves knowledge. It’s like understanding a company’s metrics for victory and focusing on making it.”

The awareness phase helps growth hackers to find out which marketing channels are most suitable in reaching your customers and which platforms get the highest engagement.

‍Critically, this includes:
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok etc.)
  • Google Ads.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Email Marketing.
  • Text Marketing.
  • Video Marketing.

Acquisition – What number of people visits your website?
The acquisition time can make or finish many new businesses and startups as they attempt to transform visitors into leads.

Therefore “acquisition” refers to the marketing channels you might utilize to introduce your product to customers.

Similar to the above list, it’ll include:
  • SEO.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Social Media.
  • SEM (search engine marketing).
  • Offline Marketing.

Retention – How many come back and interact with your site?

Customer retention is so crucial. In fact it’s huge, it’s reported that increasing your customer retention rates by 5% can increase profits from 25%-95%. Loyalty has better returns. According to a report, engaged customers buy 90% more frequently, spend 60% more per transaction and are #5 times more likely to show it is the only brand they would buy in the future.

‍To avoid customer difficulty, monitor out for early warning churns like:
  • Unusual logins
  • Long time it takes to complete tasks
  • Shorter visiting times
  • Getting bored

Building audience

Before you start developing a website to find paying consumers, you need to concentrate on one thing: building an audience. There are primarily two ways you can earn by launching an online business.

Finding ways to earn from that audience.
If you’re not focusing on building an audience, you’re making a huge mistake which is going to affect you a lot in the long run. What’s here? A few ways you can build a loyal audience following your online business.

  • Determine their demographics: Find out target audience’s demographics like their name, age, sex, yearly salary, geography, location, career interests, and goes on as it gives you a good idea about what products or services to offer them.
  • Analyze their interest: Find out where audiences spend most of their time online, what keywords mostly they use, what sites they stay on and so on.
  • Understand your audience intent: Find out target audiences actual intent. Do they look for more info or are they going to buy something online?
  • Know their priorities: Check out what device they are using to browse information online (Laptop, PC or tablet), what browser and OS are they using? You can get all such information using tools like Google-SEO, Google analytics.


Why Digital marketing?
It doesn’t remain a question now, because it’s become part of our day to day belongings. Every single person uses social media for entertainment or for business or for learning. Doing online marketing through these like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc. is nothing but Digital Marketing.

How fast will my business grow?
Heard of this “Slow and Steady Win the Race’ right! Please don’t expect the profit ASAP. Build a good marketing strategy and show your target audience what they ask for. Definitely success is on your way.

What key point should I know?
Just make it simple, lovely, fast, and trustable! Just do it and see the results.