Top Free SEO Tools for Your Website

Tools for keyword analysis

1. Google keyword planner

The Google Keyword Planner tool is used for identifying search volume, competition type (Low, Medium and High) of the particular keywords or group of similar keywords. If you’re doing keyword analysis for your website,this tool can be employed as it’s a free offering from Google.

If you need to access the keyword planner tool you have to log in with your Gmail ID. To access Google Keyword Planner Click Here

2. Bing keyword

This is one more tool from Bing for searching keyword search volume for a specific or group of keywords.  This tool helps in finding target keywords for doing SEO and PPC Bing Ads.

Click Here to locate search volume by logging in with your Microsoft account.

3. LSI graph

This tool is used for generating semantic, long tail and Latent Semantic Indexing(LSI) keywords. You can find similar types of search keywords here.

Click here to access the LSI Keyword Tool.

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Analytics and Website health check-up

1. Google Analytics

You can use the Google Analytics tool for collecting analytics report, tracking report and behavior flow of the website.
The Google Analytics report is important to succeed in online marketing via a website as all user interaction can be tracked here at one place.

You can create an analytics account at Google Analytics

2. Google search console

Monitor your website’s health by registering with the Google search console. Here you can locate 404 – not found (Dead Links), 500 – Server, index, HTML improvement and blocked files, error, etc.

Submit your website to the search console and keep it secure and also get to know website issues from time to time.

3. Bing Webmaster Tool

This is another tool from Bing for regular website check-up. Here too you can check 404 – not found (Dead Links), 500 – Server, index, HTML improvement, blocked files, error, etc., plus keywords ranking position.

Register for the Bing Webmaster Tool with your Microsoft account.

Website Audit Tool

1. Seoptimer

Audit your entire website for all SEO factors using the Seoptimer for Usability, Performance and Security issues. Upon entering your domain name, it checks the complete webpage and generates reports in a matter of seconds.

2. Varvy

Another recommended tool from my side is Varvy.  This checks the entire website on the page and technical SEO factors in one place.
It explains how your website is following the Google search engine guidelines.

Click here to check compatibility of your website with Google guidelines using the Varvy tool.

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Technical SEO Audit and Loading Time Analysis

1. Google Insight

Check your website’s loading speed and performance using Google Insight.  Once it analyses, it gives you a complete report as to where you need to optimize your website if any parameters are missed.

Check your website’s performance with Google Insight

2. Gtmetrix

Gtmetrix gives a report of how your website is performing and where it has problems related to technical and loading.  You can also get solutions for your website problems at Gtmetrix.

Gtmetrix is of great help when it comes to fixing website loading issues and technical errors.

Few More SEO Important Tools

1. Website Site Map

Generate a sitemap (both in XML and HTML format) for your website in less than a minute.At a time you can generate up to 3000 URLs using the website map tool but other sitemap generation tools allow only 500 URLs in the Free Version.

You can generate an XML sitemap and upload it into the website directory as it helps in indexing web pages and moreover the robot can find your page easily. Click here to generate a sitemap.

2. Content Grammar Check

Before uploading content on the website check it with the Grammarly tool.It suggests any grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.  If the website content is free of such errors it stands a better chance in the ranking of search engines.

You can check for correction of website content using Grammarly

3. Duplicate Content Check

If your website has unique content (not copied content) it is advantageous for ranking.  Before publishing any content, check with the plagiarism checker to find out how much of it is unique.

4. Broken Link Checker (404 Errors)

Broken links or dead links are damaging to your website.You should try to fix the same or else remove those links from the website. You can easily identify broken links (404 Errors) by using the Broken Link Checker Tool.

5. Robot file Generator

Robots.txt file is essential for a website if you want to block particular pages or files or folders for blocking the spider to index. By default, if your website doesn’t have robots.txt it will allow indexing the complete website.

If you want to block a particular file or folder use the seooptimer robot generator tool.

6. Image Compressor

Compress images using online tools without Photoshop. You can compress images by using tinyjpg and compresspng tool. Compressing is done when big size images take more time to load web pages and automatically it increases bounce rate.

7. Keyword Position Checker

Check for specific keyword position in SERP by using Keyword Position and Rank Checker Tool.  With this tool you can check bulk keywords position at a time instead of checking individual keyword position.

8. Design Banners and Infographics without Photoshop

Design banners, posters, infographics, buttons, etc., without using Photoshop.With very little effort you can design effective graphics using Canva and

9. Competitor Analysis

Compare your competitor’s website with SEO Competitor Tool and find out SEO factors of your competitor’s website.

Click Here to Download a Complete list of Tools and Technical SEO tips.

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About the author

Akash Tonasalli is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, SEO Analyst, Consultant and Trainer from Bengalore, Karnataka.