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Passing the Bing Ads Accredited Professional Exam

Every Pay Per Click (PPC) Specialist, Digital Marketer and Ad Specialist desires to pass the Bing Ads Accredited Professional exam. In case you want to appear for the exam, you can find it on Bing Ads.

The advantage of Bing Ads is that it reaches more customers through Pay Per Click (PPC). The Bing Ads network is from Microsoft.

Bing Ads is such a simple and friendly interface that anyone who’s having basic knowledge of internet browsing and PPC can create an Ad.

No Examination Fee

It’s completely free. If you don’t know about PPC you can get online material from Bing Ads. Click Here to Download the Study Material for the Exam.

Exam Format

  • 100 Questions
  • No time limit to complete all 100 Questions
  • You can stop, pause the exam at any time and continue from the same stage
  • In case you fail in your attempt you can retake the exam
  • You have to score a minimum of 80% (You have to answer 80 questions correctly out of 100)
  • Exams include questions based on Bing Ads Study Material only

You can get video tutorials also for learning Bing Ads. You can access this tutorial from Bing Ads Success 


The Concepts Covered in the Study Material

  • Introduction to Bing Ads
  • How to setup Bing Ad Account
  • Keyword Research for Bing Ads to reach your target audience
  • How to create Ads for Search Engine Marketing
  • Types of Ads that can be created with Bing Ads
  • How to do Budget and Bid Set Up
  • How to find Audience and Geo Location for Ads
  • Types of Ad Extensions available
  • How to Increase Ads Position in Search Page
  • Tracking Ad Performance
  • Optimizing Ad Performance
  • Budgeting and billing
  • Bing Ads desktop editor

Note:  Before starting you need to create a Microsoft mail account for accessing online study material and subsequently taking the exam.

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Benefits of Getting Certified for Bing Ads

  • You can use the Accredited Bing Badge which can also be displayed on your website
  • You can improve your knowledge by attempting the exam
  • You can take a print out of the certificate as it is in printable format

Bing certificate

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