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Five reason why every student should be on LINKEDIN?

Five reason why every student should be on LINKEDIN?

  More people think that LinkedIn is a social media like other social media like Facebook but that’s not all about it. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn has grown to be a platform that has the top professionals in various fields connecting with each other. LinkedIn is the best social media to get a job opportunity for anyone who wants to get to the top.

The reasons to be on LinkedIn are,

  • Networking with top professionals

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. This platform is the best opportunity to connect and network with professionals all around the globe. Getting ahead in any career is as much about who you know and what you know. You can also connect with your college friends and university lecturers, whoever in this platform.

There are various groups as per the sectors which also not only help you to network but also get more information related to your industry and area of interest. You can also branch out in which sector you want to work in. The bigger the network, the more chance we have of being referred to a job role.

We never know when a connection will come in handy. It is the perfect platform for you to showcase your knowledge, and you will be get noticed in Infront of up to 300 million professionals, including classmates, recruiters, and future employees. LinkedIn will also work as your professional profile to share with the world.

Your LinkedIn profile works as your identity to companies, universities, colleagues, and people who you want to stay connected to when you make that transition from student to professional.

  • Company research

One of the biggest benefits of having a LinkedIn profile is to search for the companies in which you want to work. This will offer university students and job seekers that you can check out your targeted companies. Visiting the company page on LinkedIn will help you to do research on the whereabouts of the company, the hiring process of that company, the salary of your profession, and what people or employees say about that company.

Doing this kind of research on LinkedIn can always keep a stay ahead of your competition and increase your employability and always feels like you are in touch with that company. It also helps you to find how many current job openings that the company has and how many people in your network are employed there.

Nowadays, when you apply for a job, your prospective employer will no doubt conduct internet research on you. If you have a LinkedIn account as a student or job seeker, it will show you an entirely different side of yourself as a professional.

Having a LinkedIn account allow companies to find you with ease and most importantly to find the information that you want them to find. Having a LinkedIn account helps both companies and job seekers also to know about each other.

  • Getting job alerts

Just like Google alerts once you create your account on LinkedIn, you can set email alerts to receive notifications of recommended jobs to you. You will be able to see the notifications as soon as you log into your LinkedIn accounts. LinkedIn has other features also which will help you to find a job easily.

LinkedIn will help you to show that jobs which are compatible with your profile when you click on the jobs link.   LinkedIn helps to know how many people in your network or in your group work in that company. And those people can help you to get that job in which you are interested. LinkedIn is very useful for students which will be helpful fir them to find their next position.

You can program LinkedIn to send you job alerts for certain companies, industries, or specific job titles so that you will never miss out on a great opportunity again.

  • Prepare for interviews

Having a LinkedIn profile will help you to search for jobs and internships in which you are interested or in the vacancies company. And another important thing about having a LinkedIn account is to prepare for interviews and you can search and review the profile of the person who will interview you.

Having the background and knowledge of that interviewer during the interview will help you to impress that interviewer if you will search for that company and employers that you can go into your interviewer with the feeling as prepared as possible.

  • To prove the dedication

All students should have a LinkedIn account when they will be studying for a bachelor’s degree. Having a LinkedIn account as a student proves that the student is dedicated to pursuing a career.

By being specific in your resume and connecting with people in the field that you are interested in, prove that you are putting an effort to succeed in your chosen career. You should open up and you should raise your voice to tell some ideas and goals in your summary sections, to show your dedication and interest in your work.

Tips for creating a LinkedIn profile as a student:

  • Use a professional profile picture.
  • Don’t forget to complete your profile. Put an extended cv and include as much as information so you can prove to them that you are a well-rounded individual that you could put to good use in the workplace.
  • Most important, join LinkedIn in your first year of university so that you can show your progression in the years of studying.
  • As soon as you complete your profile, start building connections with professionals and with the people you know. Don’t just leave the account, start to make use of it.
  • With the current economy, the unemployment rate is high. Sometimes hundreds of people compete for single job openings. So, in this growing digital India, you have to create a digital account s LinkedIn account to stay connected with companies and to know the job openings in the various companies. By using LinkedIn there are advantages and disadvantages also. so while using any social media we have to be careful. So, some advantages and disadvantagesas I have listed below are:
    Publicity Risk of identity theft
    Ease of resume update Tons of spam messages
    Vast and large job listings Time-consuming
    Promote your skill set A premium package can be expensive
    Demonstrate your knowledge Incomplete profile challenge

About the author

Akash Tonasalli is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, SEO Analyst, Consultant and Trainer from Bengalore, Karnataka.