Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Difference Between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Now a day’s every business needs new techniques to encourage their business so that they can survive in a tough competitive market for all of the digital marketing would be one of the good solutions.

And for the people who are searching for a job have to get new knowledge and skills to get a job in a good company as per the new data by the government India is facing an unemployment rate of 7.8% which is highest from last 45 years. (source by government data)

So on the other hand if you go to see the scope of digital marketing then in 2020 there would be more than 20 lakh new jobs in India. as the world is going digital day by day

Even the Indian government is also suggesting people go digital. cheaper data price, the increase of smartphones is the other reason.

The digital advertising industry estimated to grow at a compound annual rate (CAGR) of 31.96% by the year. the digital ad spends Rs.10,819 cr. but it is expected to grow 14,281 at the end of 2019 itself. (Dentsu Ageis network)

So here there would be a debate on why one should go for digital marketing leaving traditional marketing. So let me help you out with it.

Defining Traditional marketing and Digital marketing

Traditional marketing is a form of marketing in which one has to target the audience through physical forms like magazines, newspaper ads, tv ads, radio ads, pamphlets, Banners. Digital marketing is the form of marketing where you can market a business (product/services)on the internet, using social media ads, E-mail, paid ads which reach directly to the consumer or the targeted audience.

Channels used in traditional marketing and digital marketing

·         Hoardings

·         Magazines

·         Radio

·         Print media

·         Television

·         Blogging

·         S.E.O(Search engine optimization)

·         S.M.M(social media marketing)

·         E-mail marketing;

·         Paid-up pop-ups

·         Video marketing

Advantages of Traditional marketing

  1. Easy to reach the local audience
  2. The hard copy of the material can be kept
  3. It reaches everywhere

Disadvantages of Traditional marketing

  1. Costly
  2. One-way communication
  3. Hard to measure
  4. No Transparency
  5. Time Consuming
  6. No Audience Segmentation

Now to overcome the limitations of the traditional marketing Digital marketing is one of the best technique which can boost the business. Let me go through the advantages

Advantages of Digital marketing

  1. Budget-friendly
  2. Monitoring all the activities hence it is transparent
  3. Targeting audience
  4. Cost-effective

Top reasons to choose Digital Marketing as a career

Future of digital marketing

  1. Digital marketing has now been spiraling almost at a breakneck speed
  2. Digital marketing has gained a definite dimension with the added techniques like pay per click, Search engine optimization, press release, web banners, Link campaign, viral marketing & blogs
  3. Social media like Facebook, Twitter & YouTube believe it to be one of the next big steps
  4. The most beneficial part of digital marketing is easy accessibility.

Why Management Graduates (BBM and MBA) Learning Digital Marketing?

The students who are freshly graduated or post graduated from the universities are confused and worried about their career. and if I go through the curriculum of the universities for marketing specialization then I can find very less university provides digital marketing course and they concentrate only on traditional marketing which is not in trend.

Let me go through some of the points which will make you understand why freshly graduate have to learn digital marketing

Why to Learn Digital Marketing Marketing Graduates?

  1. Digital marketing will open a wide range of opportunity for jobs. or else even you can think of startup.
  2. Your resume will get attractive skills which can catch interviewer’s eyes.
  3. And if you learnt digital marketing in MBA then it is only basic as digital marketing is growing field there is much more to learn.
  4. Digital marketing act as a bridge between students and industries by providing proper skills

Why Business Entrepreneurs learning Digital Marketing

Now a day’s business is getting more competitive day by day and if the enterprises are going by the traditional marketing results might be not so fruitfull what we are expecting and even if we see the second corner then digital marketing is much cheaper than traditional marketing and there would be high return on investment and hence the marketing will become cost-effective.

Not only the cost-effective but it reaches the target audience that too globally. Digital marketing also allows enterprises to get to know about their target audience.

Why digital marketing is important for business?

Salary Range and Job Growth in Digital Marketing?

As the digital marketing field is growing rapidly the salary range for working professionally in it also increases and it will not be going to vanish quickly as the digital marketing is boosting from 2013 there is research from different companies that from 2021 marketing department will give prior importance while budgeting to digital marketing only.

Basically, when it comes to salary range it will depend upon your skills and experience in the field so we can categorize it into three sections.

  1. Entry-level
  2. Mid-level
  3. Senior-level


As per the entry-level are going to be fresher so they will get a chance to work as a digital marketing executive or search engine optimization executive, social media marketing executive, and so on

And for these position one can expect salary range from 1,50,000-2,10,000 p.a.


In a year or two, one can go ahead move on for the position of digital marketing specialist digital marketing special list or digital marketing manager (Team leader) where you ate allotted with executives and you are now involved in organization strategies making and you will get the freedom of work.

Basically, for the mid-level managers the salary ranges from 2,70,000-4,08,000 p.a.


After spending 3-4 years in the field now you gained real-time experienced in technical & practical knowledge of the field and even you got a skill of team handling so now it’s time to climb a ladder so you can expect promotion.

You can become a Digital marketing analyst or digital marketing head. Here you are going to deal with all the analytical part where you are responsible for analyzing each and every detailed about organization strategies.

Generally, for these kinds of position salary varies but one can expect a minimum of 4,70,000-7,00,00 p.a.


As we can see compare to traditional marketing. Digital marketing is a smart and new technique which is often a more affordable way to quickly find and interact with customers.

As per interaction with the customers, digital marketing is the best way as it offers direct interaction with the customers whereas in traditional marketing it is not possible.

Digital marketing helps in maintaining relationship and also creates brand awareness in the mind of customers.

About the author

Akash Tonasalli is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, SEO Analyst, Consultant and Trainer from Bengalore, Karnataka.