Digital Marketing Project for MBA Students

How Digital Marketing Projects are Beneficial to MBA & BBM Graduates

Speaking of Digital marketing projects, it seems to be ruling and trending in the coming years. In addition to this, digital marketing skills will help you place yourself in a better position in the corporate world. Doing digital marketing projects as a part of academics will groom you and your skill-sets and help students enhance their creativity and it is a added advantage for students to become industry-ready.

However, there are only a select few colleges which encourage students to choose digital marketing projects, there is lack of expertise training in digital marketing skills. In this situation, students can opt seeking help from other experts in the locality.

Career After MBA and BBM?

Having a career after MBA in marketing largely depends on your education after MBA. There are many courses after MBA. Rather than doing a course after MBA you can save time and increase the scope of getting a job by doing relevant projects alongside your current studies.

Scope of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a field which has very vast spectrum of scope in the coming days.

This grooming field is something which will provide you with a new twist every time you implement it in your projects. And it is so because, digital marketing is a highly flexible and growing field due to its constant change and technological advancements taking place rapidly.

Alongside digital marketing, the adaptation of AI in digital marketing is a topic of interest in the recent times. Students can do a proper research on that and utilize the existing papers for the case study.

Top reasons to choose Digital Marketing as a career

Growth of Digital Marketing Industry

The rate at which digital marketing industry is evolving and the fact that it has a rapidly evolving and interesting sphere, there will never be difficulty in choosing the area of interest for the projects.

Following are some of the tips to choose a interesting topic for your research study.

  • Spend a considerable time on internet, searching for pros and cons of different topics.
  • Start cutting down the list to short by elimination the less interesting ones
  • Do a proper analytics on resources, references, case studies, opportunities etc.
  • Think and research if there is anything new you can bring in to the field of digital marketing.
  • Discuss the uses and future scope of the shortlisted topics with the experts surrounding you.

Following are a few topics that a MBA student can consider for research.

  • The increase in online advertising companies
  • Digital marketing and customer awareness
  • Various analytical studies on the Search Engine Optimization strategies.
  • Analytical study of the Search engine marketing strategy
  • The impact of Social media marketing on customer satisfaction and brand building
  • Digital marketing or Traditional marketing?
  • The rise of e-commerce and the online shopping generation
  • Detailed research and study of the competitor analysis tools
  • A research study on influencer marketing and its impact on the upcoming generation
  • The expansion of the mobile app industry using digital marketing
  • Changing behavioural patterns and buying habits of the customers
  • The impact of content optimization and keyword research on SEO in recent times
  • Digital marketing for the healthcare industry
  • Digital marketing for the automobile industry
  • Impact of digital marketing on a small scale industry
  • A detailed analysis of Facebook marketing and its impact on consumer buying behaviour
  • Digital marketing impact on the hospitality industry
  • The future scope of Digital Marketing
  • Evolution of the business models in accordance with the heavy digitalization
  • Governance of the Digital ways of marketing
  • Online marketing – boon or bane to the society
  • Artificial intelligence and its impact on digital marketing
  • Impact of Voice search technology on digital marketing techniques.
  • The emerging field of digital marketing and its strategies
  • A detailed analysis of Affiliate marketing
  • Content marketing for the future
  • A futuristic take on digital marketing
  • Research-based study on the various search engines and their dynamically changing algorithms
  • Defining the relationship between Crawlers and SEO
  • Security and privacy concerns of the proliferating world of online marketing
  • Impact of digital marketing on the job markets of India

About the author

Akash Tonasalli is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, SEO Analyst, Consultant and Trainer from Bengalore, Karnataka.