Factors for Domain Authority

Factors for Increasing and Decreasing Domain Authority?

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is mainly used to define how well your website will rank in search engine. domain authority is used by your search engine to make sure you can provide the highest-quality information about your specific subject.

A Domain Authority score ranges from one to 100, with greater ratings corresponding to a larger capability to rank.

There are some tools available to check the domain authority of your website. You can use Moz Open Site Explorer tool.MOZ Check PA and DA

What is Page Authority?

how well a precise web page will rank on search engine end result pages (SERP). Page Authority rankings vary from one to 100, with higher rankings corresponding to a higher capacity to rank.

Top Six Factors To Increase Domain Authority

1. Choose a Good Domain Name

First of all, you should pick a domain name which is relevant to your website. You should use that keyword which will be suitable with your website.

The main thing here is it should be easy to remember.so that if the visitors want to return to your site then they should not face any problems.

2. Create a Linkable Content

If you want to receive high quality links, then your content quality should be high and it should be published.

Other authorities site will link to your content, if It is of good quality.

Your content should be of good quality which will attract the readers. If the content is of high quality, then the domain authority will increase without any doubt. The content should be unique and if the readers are reading your website then they should find it exclusive which should not be available on other sites.

3. On-Page SEO

SEO is related to both google search engine and domain authority, so that it is very necessary to optimize all your on-page code.

Know More About Onpage SEO

That code should include title tags, images alt tag. Optimize titles description. You should include proper headings within the content. Add some internal links and use some effective keywords in your content.

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4. Focus on Internal Linking Structure

Back links are main factors which are effecting your domain authority.

If you are not linking your new posts with your old posts, then you are making big mistake.

Through internal links visitors can get what they want directly and hence improving the users experience.

List of Off page Technics to Build Back links

5. Improving Page Speed

Websites which are faster than other websites then it will be the biggest advantage over other websites.so to improve the loading speed of the website hire some famous developer.

Improving your page speed not only improve your domain authority and ranking but also it will give lead as well as increase your product sales.

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6 Improve your Website

Your domain authority will be affected badly if your website is too slow or we can say if your website taking too much time to load. The loading time of website should be under 2-3 senconds.you must take care about the speed of your website and use some tools which helps to improve the website speed.

Three Major Reasons of Decreasing Domain Authority

For many of the websites it has been found that their domain authority has been decreased, yes it’s very bad. Now let me discuss about the major reasons of decreasing your websites domain authority. These points will help your to be aware in the future.

So, here are the 3 main reasons of why your domain authority is decreasing.

1. Bad Links to your Website

When you hear about backlinks your will be thinking that backlinks are good for the websites for their ranking, but! The main thing you should keep in mind that which kind of website linking to our website.

Yes !!it’s very important to check that whether any bad websites are linking to your website, which is very harmful for your website. Only one bad link will decrease the domain authority of your website.

2. Poor Quality of Content

If you are writing a content on your site, then it should be of good quality so that readers should be attracted towards it. if you notice more on the content length rather than its quality then your domain authority will decrease automatically.

Whatever you are writing it should be useful for the readers.

3. Bad Quality of External Links:

It will be very bad for your site if it is having poor quality of external links. You should not follow those external links to save your website. do follow to the non reputed sites will harm your site totally.

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