Digital Marketing course after BCA

Digital marketing course after BCA

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is a new method of marketing that uses online platforms to promote products and services.

Scope and future of digital marketing:

We all know how digital marketing is grabbing everyone’s eye and how it is at boom. Every business is using digital marketing for the successful growth of their business. It has a wide scope and in the coming years, it tends to be on the top list.

Can only commerce graduates learn digital marketing?

The answer is ‘NO’. With the term ‘Marketing’ most people think digital marketing can be done only by commerce graduates but this not true. Even if you are from a computer science background such as BCA you can still learn digital marketing. Digital marketing just needs the right skills regardless of any educational background.

It is never too late J

When you choose your graduation you are not matured enough as you have just completed your PUC or diploma. Most of them would have joined BCA thinking it is easy than engineering, some of them might have thought to pursue MCA after BCA so that you are post graduated, or some of you might have just joined without a second thought because your family and friends told you but the real struggle starts when are pursuing BCA and you have to learn all the programming languages. People who love programming will definitely enjoy each and every bit of it but the people who don’t have an interest in programming might face it difficult. Nevertheless, it is never too late until you realize what you want so in case if you don’t want to continue your career or education in a computer science background you can learn digital marketing even after BCA.

Was doing BCA a mistake?

Many of you might get a question in your mind saying if you have wasted three years of your life doing this course because digital marketing is completely different. Never allow such thoughts to bother you because learning never goes waste be it any course. If you are coming from BCA you are well aware of using the internet, browsers, social media platforms, web designing, so this will be helpful for you when you learn digital marketing all you have to improve is your marketing skills and some tools and technologies that are used.

One of the best job-oriented courses that you can do after BCA is Digital marketing so if you are sure not to continue with computer science and if you are interested in writing articles, social media platforms, want to become a blogger without a second thought say yes to digital marketing.

How to learn digital marketing?

There are many institutes which provide digital marketing course either online or offline you can choose whatever is best according to your convenience. With proper hard work and dedication, you can become a digital marketing expert. As you are completely new to this field don’t mistake digital marketing only with sales. In the traditional approach of marketing definitely, sales were one of the important things but as you learn digital marketing you get to explore in and out of it. As the course is vast, take time and understand what are your interests, which part of digital marketing you are good at and proceed accordingly

Benefits of doing Digital marketing after BCA:

  1. As you have done BCA you will be knowing the basics of web designing and development. With digital marketing, you can become a designer and design websites or various clients.
  2. A digital marketing professional plays an important role who helps in the growth of the business by planning strategies. The presentation skills which you learned in BCA for explaining your project will be a savior here.
  3. Digital marketing involves content writing so if you are the one who loves writing and has good communication skills you must explore this field.
  4. With digital marketing, you can also become a social media expert who is responsible for handling the company’s social media handles
  5. With the knowledge of digital marketing, you can become a blogger connect with your audience and become a famous Youtuber or blogger.
  6. SEO is one of the important parts of digital marketing and has high scope so you can also become an SEO expert if you have done a digital marketing course.

Conclusion: Yes, you can do a digital marketing course after BCA as Digital marketing is something that just needs the right skills to be learned irrespective of any educational background

About the author

Akash Tonasalli is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, SEO Analyst, Consultant and Trainer from Bengalore, Karnataka.