How to Create a Free Facebook Profile Frame

Facebook introduced new feature “Facebook Frame” or Frame for profile
in which you can create your own custom frames for profile photos of users, videos and Facebook Live,
these frames can used for your followers their profile also any one in facebook have account.

Advantages of Creating Facebook Frames

  • Free feature from Facebook
  • Connect with your Facebook page
  • Show your brand or support or services through creating frames in Facebook
  • Create frames for support a cause , awareness and  events

Please follow the terms and policy while creating or designing Facebook frames. You should design frame according to Facebook policy else Facebook will reject your frames while frame approval time.

Restrictions of using following things in frame design:

  • Promoting Fake Products
  • Promoting Tobacco , Drugs and Weapons
  • Low resolution quality elements

Who can see Your Frames? : Once Facebook got approved your frame means it’s available for all users.  Any user can search frame using specific targeted keyword.

Frames Statistics and analytics: after activating your frame you can know how many Facebook users applied your fame to their profile picture. Also you can target your frame geographical target like country or city wise. Target your frame by using relevant name of frame (Ex: if you designed frame for New Year target frame with keywords like HAPPY NEW YEAR).

Step by Step to create your own Frame:

  • Login to your Facebook account Click Here.
  • For Creating Facebook Frame Click Here
  • Click on right hand side option Open Frame Studio.

  • Create a frame with 600*600 Size (In PNG Format) and Upload it.

  • You can choice targeted user by targeted location and also target with specific  keywords by adding keywords in keywords section (up to 10 Keywords).

  • Preview of frame looks like below image with owner profile name after uploading in upload art section.

About the author

Akash Tonasalli is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, SEO Analyst, Consultant and Trainer from Bengalore, Karnataka.