TOP 5 Google Tools

Top 5 Google tools that make digital marketing easy

1. Google Analytics

This is a free tool that you can use for tracking visitor traffic to your website and also generate reports from. With the Google Analytics tool, you can also track file downloads, form tracking, transaction tracking, etc.

 Advantages of Google Analytics

  • the location of your website visitors.
  • what your visitors are searching for.
  • which of your pages are getting more views.
  • on which page most of your visitors land-up.
  • the behaviour of visitors by using the user flow feature

For creating a free Google Analytics account for your website click here.

    2. Google Web Master Tool (Search Console)

    Search Console is a free Google tool by which you can check your website’s health status.

    Advantages of Search Console You can find out

    • Determine from where backlinks and internal links come from
    • Identify search keywords statics
    • Find out broken links (404 Errors).
    • Check sitemap and robots.txt files errors.
    • Detect duplicate titles and meta descriptions of web pages

    For creating a free Search Console account for your website click here

    3. Google Optimize

    Google Optimize is useful in creating an A/B Testing campaign for your website. This tool allows easy editing of content and images in your website in addition to getting a report on which test is performing well.

    Advantages of Google Optimize

    • Easy set-up
    • Easily create A/B Testing Experiment
    • Tracking Your Experiment

    For creating a free Google Optimize account for your website click here

    4. Google Data Studio

    Using the Google Data Studio tool you can generate graphic or informative reports for your website from Google Analytics and other tools.

    Advantages of Google Data Studio 

    • Convert Data in Chart Form
    • Create a custom template report segment wise.
    • Whole website data can express into informative manner.

    For creating a free Google Data Studio account for your website click here

    5. Google Tag Manager

    Using Tag Manager Tool to merge all marketing tracking scripts into one account (Ex: Facebook Pixel Code, Google Analytics Tracking Code and Add words Tracking Code etc.).

    Advantages of Google Tag Manager –

    • Easy to implement
    • Debug features
    • Built-in tags
    • Works with Google Analytics and other marketing tools
    • Event tracking

    Top 5 Resources to Learn Google Tag Manager

    For creating a free Google Tag Manager account for your website click here

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