Business listing sites in India

Business listing sites in India

Business listing sites in India

Businesses listing sites enhance the visibility of your business. FREE business listing sites with high DA and Moz is for you. It’s not a big deal for anyone in SEO, but when no data means no business listing site it becomes a hectic for anyone.

A business listing is an online entry of a business with following components:

  • Company or Organization Name
  • Physical Address with Pin code
  • Valid Phone Number
  • Other Required Details

It’s quite easy to get more visibility and reach out to a lot of the audience in a jiffy. You’ll find lot of free local business listing sites in India, where concerned organizations can easily do a free local listing for their business. Few of them include Yelp, Yellow Pages, Foursquare, and on so.

Keep things during Business Listing

  • Email Address & Phone No.: These are mandatory for any sites; with these two you can easily list your business without any hurdle.
  • Business Title & Description: It helps your business if anyone looking for your business in search engine or in particular site then this title will help for your business. Some sites look for 800 words business descriptions which enhance your business’s company profile.
  • Keyword tags: Add your targeted keywords at the keyword cloud tag. Don’t stuff with keywords, which count as keyword stuffing.

How to get a free listing from local business directories for your business?

You’ll find number of local business directories and portal that offer free business listing to millions of companies globally.  However, to get a free listing, the organization concerned with to follow a few very easy steps:

1: Make a list of the accessible business listing sites in India, which match up to the business niche.

2: Go to the business section of the site and select the required option to add the listing.

3:  You will be popped-up with an online form just fill it and move.

4:  You need to submit the form. Now the verification process will take place either via a voice call or text or via a mail.

5: Verification time varies from site to site. For some sites, it is instant. But there are again sites which may take 24 hrs to 3-5 business days. Once your verification is completed, your listing becomes visible/live on the website.

There are 2 types of business listing

FREE business listing

Paid Business Listing

Bing, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yelp etc. are some of the famous & best business directory / Business Profile listing sites on which you should list your business. And the good part, you can list in paid manner also.

Number of business listing sites and directories also offer additional value way of reviews, ratings, and comments. So, as a business owner you will be joyful if you get more reviews, ratings and comments.

How to get benefited from free business listings effectively?

Business listings can be best for the local SEO practice of any business. So if you are ready to tap the end users from the local area, there’s no better way than a business listing. And are you going to rank your business amongst the top of the local search results, you need to list it on the top local business directories that’s all.

Your sweet customers / clients search you many times over internet and there are really more than 90% chances that if you done with business listing of your business it will pop-up in front of him / her. So, FREE business listing is always favorable when we chit-chat about SEO.

About the author

Akash Tonasalli is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, SEO Analyst, Consultant and Trainer from Bengalore, Karnataka.