What Is The Role Of Seo In Digital Marketing Era of Recent Times?

You may be a student, a fresher out of college, a person with two to three years of experience in any industry, a seasoned professional, or a middle-aged person with a reputation. During a normal conversation with your peers, you may have heard many times about the in-demand jobs in the market. There are umpteen chances you may have heard about the highest-paid jobs in the market. Example – Cloud Technology Engineer, Data Analytics Expert, Technical Writer, Full Stack Engineer, IoT Expert, Technical Writer, News Editor, Digital Marketing, and more. Yes, of the mentioned jobs, the one that catches the eye most is digital marketing. The reason, you see its impact in your everyday events. Be it online shopping for apparel or gifts, or when booking a home service for a purpose. However, digital marketing does come with the baggage of other technologies. Example – content writing/strategy, SEO, Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Google), etc. In this article, you will get to know the real value and role of SEO in digital marketing campaigns.

Does SEO Still Exist?

Is SEO needed? Are you sure? Yes, now and then, you find various notifications on networking platforms and other websites. Examples – Hiring for SEO fresher, SEO Executive, SEO Expert & SEO Content Writer. Right? Is the SEO industry really big? Why do industry experts vouch for the role of SEO in digital marketing? Please read the article at one stretch.

How Does SEO Work in Digital Marketing?

Let us not go to the basics of SEO. If you are an entrepreneur, you definitely would have a strategy for success. Is your new business only a part-time venture or do you intend to make it big? For the second option, you definitely would have to implement SEO and content writing strategies on your website. The other tasks will be to focus on SEO while making social media posts and other forms of offline content (flyers, brochures, etc).

If you want to make quick money, then digital marketing is the best option. You may have a product or a service that will have popularity for a lesser duration, let us imagine about six months. In this situation, a website and basic content sound enough. But you will have to spend more on marketing ads (Facebook, Google, etc). This process will help magnify your company’s products or services on a larger scale to the target audience.

Even in this situation, you can make the content on your website and social media platforms SEO-optimized. You can attract the target audience to the website with ease. Did you get to know the role of SEO in digital marketing campaigns?

Many businesses stand to lose a major part of the benefit. The reason they do not understand the importance of SEO for businesses. In the next round of paragraphs, you will get to know in detail, the benefits of implementing SEO principles and guidelines in each of your business content.

How Can SEO Help Your Dream of Becoming a Successful Business Owner/Entrepreneur?

Let us start from scratch. Why did you start a business or enterprise? To make a profit. Right? Now how can you achieve a profit, after investing in the business and other expenses? When you provide the perfect solution to the target audience. You can have the best knowledge, experience, and skills in any industry. But if you are unable to let the target audience know about your existence, then chances are your business may wind up in less than six months.

Importance of SEO for Businesses in Any Industry

Since 2011, it has become a fad to have a website for every business. More so, in 2016, every company wanted to have an app so that they can reach the most number of customers. It is no wonder, that 2016 is called the “Year of Apps.”

What is the most important electronic gadget in today’s times? 

The mobile – can you guess the technological changes it underwent in the last five years? Now, you can ask Alexa or Cortana on the mobile to search the relevant items or websites via your voice (command).

What does Voice Search in Mobile specify?

You have only 24 hours every day. And on some days, you find it a challenge to complete your day’s target. You want to complete a task in the least medium time. So, the voice searches.

When it comes to other tasks such as shopping for groceries or searching for an electrician or passport agent online, you enlist the help of search engines (most popular – Google). You want to do minimum research by typing the minimum of words. Example – best passport agent in Bangalore or another place. When you get the results, you know very well, that the first three lines are Google Ads, so you settle for the next two websites. Do you even bother to go to the second page of Google Search web pages? Not a chance.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Significant Role of SEO in Digital Marketing for Businesses

SEO or search engine optimization principles help you tailor the content in your business website as per the demands of the target audience. Let us imagine, you run a successful interior decoration firm in Bangalore. So, what are the terms that your customers use to search for interior decoration firms in Bangalore? You get to know these terms when you hire an SEO expert. You take care to make your website content optimized as per the demands of the target audience and clients. Then your website will sooner or later make it to the first page of Google or any search engine (simple definition).

Any digital marketing campaign will never achieve success without implementing SEO principles in its strategy. Only when SEO, content, and strategies get implemented, can any digital marketing campaign stand to gain success in a big way.

Role of SEO in Digital Marketing Campaigns

Let us imagine, you are an entrepreneur preparing to introduce a new product in the market. So, the SEO strategy should be to include the words which are searched by the target audience for your product. The content should be designed to instill trust in the audience. To get ROI, the SEO, content, and social media post (color, tone, style) should be in tandem with each other.

Please note, that there are 12 types of SEO for any business. They are:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Gray Hat SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • International SEO
  • Local SEO
  • E-Commerce SEO
  • Content SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • Negative SEO

You can get to know the importance of every SEO type (the above-mentioned) by searching our website. Are you a business owner and aim to gain the trust of your target audience? Then every web page must be SEO optimized, which means the website should be:

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Content should give the right solution or information for the searches by the client or target audience
  • The content should be on par with the experts
  • Every page should have relevant inbound links connecting to the other web pages on the website.

How Is SEO Used As An Effective Digital Marketing Tool?

If you are having the notion, that Google is the only search engine online, then kindly change your opinion. There are nearly 38 search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and others. People in some countries prefer to use their local search engines to get the best results.

SEO tools and analytics help you get the perfect keywords you can use in your website to solve the needs and doubts of the audience. Please note, that the style and tone of the content will undergo a drastic change based on the keywords.

Important Role of SEO in Digital Marketing for Businesses Regardless of Industry

Hardly two years ago, search engines used to give importance to long-form content and the number of times keywords used to get repeated in sentences. These websites are also used to get rewards in the form of high DA and PA. Not anymore. With the recent update, search engines have enhanced the technical aspects of their algorithms to a high level. So, any content that provides minimal value to the visitor will not get a high page authority ranking.

Positive Impacts of SEO on Businesses:

  • Promotes high visibility among the target audience. SEO helps in creating a better visitor experience thereby reducing the bounce rate.
  • The algorithms of search engines will be ever-changing. If you have modeled the content as per the intent of the user, no matter, the changes, your website stands to get the least affected.
  • Builds trust and credibility among your business community.
  • You get to know the real concerns of the customer
  • The SEO-optimised content is the best PR for your business
  • By designing the perfect content, you can make a change in the buying cycles of the customers


SEO is a long-term strategy. However, businesses, corporations, and conglomerates have understood the benefits and are going all-out to implement the best practices in their digital presence. You can also make a positive impact by making start by hiring an SEO expert for your business.

About the author

Akash Tonasalli is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, SEO Analyst, Consultant and Trainer from Bengalore, Karnataka.