Is Digital Marketing a Good Career?

Digital marketing is itself a booming industry and is the most in use form of marketing. It is usually considered as just promotion on social media and display ads, but it is a lot more than that.

Digital marketing includes a lot of facets in terms of marketing.

  • Email marketing,
  • Referral Marketing,
  • Content marketing,
  • Search engine marketing,
  • Influencer marketing,
  • Viral marketing and
  • Many others.

These all types of digital marketing techniques are developed for different purposes and depending on their purpose the strategies used vary.

The key purpose of digital marketing is to spread awareness about a brand or product or any service amongst the people.

Recent update says there are some 4.95 billion internet users around the world, which exponentially increases the chances of being seen on the internet.

With such a huge audience, the content uploaded is relatively massive. Now do you think? It has become easy to be seen on the internet, digital marketing skills and influences the appearance of any entity on the internet such that it reaches a larger number of people.


It’s not been very long since digital marketing evolved. It was due to in the first few years of the evolution of the internet, it was difficult to access it and not many people were on the internet. Therefore, the education institutions have no recognized degree for this stream.

But you’ll find some institutes which provide certified digital marketing courses which can help build a career in digital marketing.

Still, having an educational background in any stream would help you grasp good opportunities in their digital marketing career.

Hopefully, in the coming years, Universities and institutions will be offering recognized degrees and master’s degrees in digital marketing.


A digital marketing career is enthusiastic but comes with challenges also.

It is something that demands a defined set of skills in managing the online content and manipulating it in ways that can attract the audience, act as influencer, convert leads, grow sales and a lot more.

It also demands good research and communication skills. You’ll find that the digital marketing industry is not as crowded as others, but every person in here is equally competent and therefore there is heavy competition.

A person should have a good hold on the internet tactics and knowledge about marketing things digitally otherwise can’t ever sustain in this industry.

It is highly recommended to learn from various courses for digital marketing provided by institutions across the country.

Other than these challenges, the industry offers good opportunities for those who are willing to be marketers and have a deep knowledge of connecting the audience via digital media.

Unlike content writing and freelancing, it demands many more features to achieve its objectives.

Digital marketing is usually a team including people with different skill sets and abilities in marketing that operate the content in different terms before it appears on the internet.

For instance, a blogger promoting a business requires a content writer, SEO, and digital marketer. This is because just marketing practices don’t help in influencing people, quality content and good rankings on search engines are also required.

Then too, digital marketers are demanded to a whole, next level and usually digital marketers are recruited by digital marketing Institutes.

Professional digital marketer is highly rewarding if pursued.

About the author

Akash Tonasalli is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, SEO Analyst, Consultant and Trainer from Bengalore, Karnataka.