What is Use of Sitemap File in Website?

There are two types of sitemaps available first one HTML sitemap and Second XML Sitemap. Connect html sitemap from website because website visitors to get idea of pages in website (Sections).

Xml sitemap to generate and submit to webmaster by uploading into website root directory.  Xml sitemap instruct to spider or boot to index pages faster


Xml site map should submit to google search console and Bing webmaster to after uploading to website with the help of sitemap absolute path


Having a both xml and html sitemap in website is good factor for achieve good rank in SERP Result

How to Assign Priority level in XML Sitemap?

Tag name <priority> is used to assign priority for each and every URL of the website. Priority interval range start from 0(Minimum) to 1(Maximum).

How frequently search engine should crawl the web pages?

According to Google Search engine you can set any one out of seven frequently (never, yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and always).


<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<urlset xmlns=”″>

Sitemap.xml consist of list of urls should be crawl by a spider. First spider will visit to sitemap.xml file and understand list of urls available in website

Specify sitemap file name in robots.txt file:


Why need a sitemap?

  • If website is more complex then need
  • Website with more content and not linked properly
  • Website having rich content then also need
  • Easily spider can crawl your webpages

Html sitemap is for human for understanding categories in the website and designed in html format

Creating a sitemap XML file with

First, go to and paste in your website URL:

You can test at webmaster tool also how many pages are indexed

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