Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Here are Top Five reasons why your website should be Mobile Friendly

1. Reach More Customers

Having a responsive website is more advantageous to target the attention of mobile visitors easily. You can do mobile marketing via SMS and WhatsApp. Nowadays everyone is accessing websites through mobile devices instead of laptops and desktops.

2. Being Mobile Friendly is a Ranking Factor in SEO

Responsive website is one of the ranking factors to get on Google search page. If the website is compatible with all devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, and Laptop) it’s termed a responsive website.

3. Smart phone users do more of shopping

Compared to statistics of other devices, mobile users do more shopping online. Responsive websites increase your sales with a higher conversion rate.

4. Increase Sales and Conversion

A responsive website has a higher conversion rate as compared to non-responsive websites because in non-responsive websites one is unable to see the content clearly.

5. Access Website from anywhere

You will be able to access your website from anywhere and also update it easily.

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Why should your website be Mobile Responsive (Mobile Friendly):

  • 55% of customers visit websites via a mobile device
  • If your website is not responsive, you stand to lose organic traffic
  • More local businesses are searched on mobile devices
  • Customers can access your website from anywhere and at any time
  • You can easily reach out to more customers if your website is mobile responsive
  • Customers can access your website easily
  • Your website will look great and function well on any device and it looks similar to a mobile application
  • Keeps the loading speed of your website page to less than three seconds.

Responsive Mobile Test

Test Report

Test your website with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Test website Load Speed Using Google’s Page Speed Insights

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Akash Tonasalli is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, SEO Analyst, Consultant and Trainer from Bengalore, Karnataka.