How to choose best influencers

How to choose best influencers

To drive mass attention to your brand offerings social media influencers are the ones who can do this. These individuals or brands can attract significant interest in your advice while at the same time lending lawful to your products and services.

Brands can partner with influencers who have a lawful follower that they trust their opinions and recommendations. Mutually, the brand gets exposure to a new audience and the influencer with content that they know their network will appreciate. It’s the result where everyone wins.

Benefits of Best Influencers:

  • Quickly Builds Trust
  • Enhances Brand Awareness
  • Enriches Your Content Strategy
  • Effectively Reaches Your Target Audience
  • Provides Amazing Value to Your Audience
  • Builds Winning Partnerships

Why we need Influencers?

  1. To reach different communities.
  2. Choose your Platforms
  3. Gives real-time outputs
  4. Brand ambassadors
  5. SEO knowledge
  6. Influencers have their own tried and tested strategies
  7. Influencers have their own followers

How do choose the best influencers?

Picking the right influencers means simply finding people who have a more number of social media followers. Its time consuming, need dedication and research to identify the ones that are worth the effort of building lawful relationships. Don’t forget, the type of influencers you want to reach have credibility within their bunch. If they share anything on their network, it’s because they believe in it and they know that their followers will be benefited from it. That’s it’s the influencer’s duty not to share false things.

It’s important to pick the right influencers:

  1. Potential Audience

To reach potential consumers, it’s best to work with influencers who have a relevant audience for your brand. Audience demographic features, available on influencer marketing platforms are used to identify influencers who have an audience in your target location, age, or gender. This gives you the best opportunity to reach the right audience at right time and communicate about your products and services.

  1. Engagement rate

This indicates how well audiences resound with and responds to the influencers’ content. Adequateengagement shows that the audience actually cares about the influencer’s exposure. So it’s very important that what the influencer share should be an appropriate thing.

The engagement rate of a post is: Add the total number of likes and comments the influencers get on a post. Then divide it total with the influencers’ number of followers, and then multiply the result by 100.

Influencer’s time to respond to their followers also gives a good impact that develops great relationships with their followers.

  1. Relevance

Collaboration with influencers who are a good fit for your brand is important. So, that they have an audience who are interested in your products or services. By collaborating with them, their sponsored posts will oscillate well with their audience.

  1. Authenticity

Authentic influencers mostly have a dedicated following. They’re able to get a loyal audience and trust by becoming experts in their niche, such as fashion or food & drink. They show their skills by sharing personal stories, genuine, tips, and advice along with their posts.

To determine authenticity, you can have look through the influencers’ Instagram captions on both normal and sponsored posts. For sponsored ones, captions should be helpful to their audience. The influencers may highlight why they’re promoting the brand’s products or services, why they love the brand, and how they can be used.

  1. Values

Before tying up with influencers, you should verify if you and the influencers have matching values. To sense their values, check-out the influencers’ Instagram bio, captions, photos & videos. Their bio may reveal some of their likes and dislikes, for which brands they may be ambassadors of, or what causes they support.

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  1. Content quality

To influencers, you’re giving them creative freedom to create sponsored content for your brand. Because their content will represent you, it’s very important to check whether their content quality fits well for your brand image. When you look at the influencers’ profiles, you should look closely for content that’s clear, well-built, creative, trendy, consistent, and optimized for Instagram.

  1. Frequency

When you explore influencers’ Instagram profiles, be sure to look at how often the influencers publish content. In order to build a loyal audience, influencers need to engage their followers by posting rich quality content on their Instagram regularly. Should ideally publish content once every 1-3 days.

  1. Reliability

Reliable influencers are dynamic, and they should efficiently reply to all of your messages promptly and professionally. If influencers take a week to answer your messages, then it’s a sign that they’re slow communicators while collaboration!

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  1. How much an influence charges?

It delays the no. of followers. A 10,000 follower influencer could charge $20 per post. And with 100,000 followers could charge $200 per post.

“Justin Bieber and Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid influencer on social media.” But we can’t easily get them as our influencers, so we need an influencer to whom we can afford and get in touch with them easily.

  1. Is influencer marketing advertising?

Basically, influencer marketing is a kind of social media marketing that uses recommendations and product mentions from influencers–individuals who have a dedicated social following and are viewed as experts within their niche.

  1. Where do I get the best influencer?

You are at the right door! To get the best. With expertise in creating varieties of content, including website content have a sound knowledge of SEO and thus creates SEO-friendly content, blogging, timely-posting, the accuracy that will help you to enhance the brand awareness.

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