Top 10 reasons for Engineering Students to do Digital Marketing

Top 10 reasons for Engineering Students to do Digital Marketing

1. Additional Skill


Digital Marketing is not only about selling the products or services it is much more than that. Though it mainly targets at selling and conversions it involves lot of research, analytics and creativity. You can pursue your Digital Marketing course while you are doing Engineering its not very time consuming. It involves creating your own Website and then applying different strategies to gain traffic on your website. Therefore by the time you complete your Engineering you will have a project in hand and will easily get placed in any Digital Marketing Company at good package.

2. Different Sources of Income

Source of income

Digital Marketing is online course which lets you earn more money. Not only you can proudly show your skills and projects but doing Digital Marketing course online will open many doors for your source of income while doing your regular engineering job as lot of people connect to you online and you always have the awesome option of working as a freelancer and earn money.

3. Healthy work life balance


This is the biggest advantage of Digital Marketing. As a Digital Marketing professional you can work from any place of the globe all you need is laptop and internet so that you can enjoy travelling as well as work. You will be location independent. You can do your job with fun and work happily with less stress and work force.

4. Innovation & Creativity


Engineers have logical thinking process. They like to research, experiment, create and innovate new things. Digital Marketing is a perfect platform for engineers here they can widen their radius of innovation and creativity. Being creative is the prior component of a Digital Marketer. Creativity inspires the person to work as a team. By this it encourages the collaboration hence being the most important benefit of offering a much better workplace where creativity will evolve.

5. Helps grow your Idea


Now adays every new business idea can help solve existing problem. The internet is again an untapped market, and there is still lot of things to create where we have just started it. Marketing is the backbone of any business if there is no marketing than we generate no sales of products or services. And in this technological world you surely cannot ignore Digital Marketing. So the engineers who are planning to start their business or freelancing in future it is must to go with Digital Marketing Training.

6. Digital Marketing jobs has the same nature as an engineer


If you love creative problem solving and like to play with data then this job is right for you. Digital Marketer role and responsibility is to develop strong, innovative and unique digital marketing strategies using PPC, SEO, SEM and other techniques to gain traffic on your company website and increase awareness of the company’s products or services.

7. Digital Marketing career is as respective as other careers


Many people want to feel proud with what they do and that Is exactly something you can have by creating a lifestyle with it. The requirement for skilled digital marketing professionals is increasing exponentially. The digital marketing field has many niche jobs in its box. Social Media Marketing. Search Engine Optimisation Specialist.

8. Unemployment never going hit you if you have done this course.


Being unemployed is a no wonder thing, often multiple times in your career. Sometimes we quit jobs voluntarily. Regardless of the reason, being unemployed creates an “employment gap” on the resume and LinkedIn Profile and there is a huge gap for the skilled Digital Marketing professional in the market. So it is going to grow more and more therefore there will be ample of opportunities for you.

9. Salary for a fresher is great and can increase beyond lakhs per annum after experience


Digital Marketing opens up many possibilities for you and we are pretty sure that you will never regret learning Digital Marketing. As your experience your per annum CTC gradually increases and it one of the best career option you can ever choose.

10. Find Job around the globe


If you complete Digital Marketing Course and become Digital Marketing professional you will be able to get job all around the globe in any country. According to your experience and your professionalism companies all around the world will accept to hire you and you can get a job in any company

About the author

Akash Tonasalli is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, SEO Analyst, Consultant and Trainer from Bengalore, Karnataka.