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What SEO Means ?

A well designed, informative and responsive website is mandatory for any sought of business or services. Getting your business online is a best way to significantly increase your sales and traffic. But, creating a site isn’t just enough, making it visible to people is as equally important as creating it is.

SEO Expert Mumbai

Let me tell you, Google can help your business tremendously and bring you significant amount of traffic and thereby sales. Now since google more often looks for optimized sites, it is important that you optimize your website. It takes an expert team with proper experience and knowledge who will not just optimize and improve your website but additionally help you with ranking up on google or any search engine.

Why Digital Akash?

All the objectives of making a website reach out to people on a large scale cannot be met single handedly by anyone. Quite Obviously it takes an expert team to help you reach your business goals. Myself Akash Tonasalli, SEO Analyst and Digital marketing specialist consultant, operating in this field for about 7 years now. With all these years of experience and collaborations, any challenge that comes our way isn’t anything new. Solving new issues and meeting the client requirements has always been our main moto. With my core strength in SEO Optimization, I now own my own independent venture-Digital Akash  with a certified team who have hands of experience in SEO/SEM  and Digital Marketing.

What Digital Akash do?

  1. Website Analysis: We try to understand your website requirements and goals and then build a work plan. Later upon approvals we proceed with next steps.
  1. Keyword research: Once we have the work plan we generate the keywords that are most relevant to the competition in your business area.
  1. Technical Analysis: After the keyword research, we study various parameters of your website like Title tag, Meta description, headings, keyword consistency, alt attribute, In-page links, URL rewrite, blocking factors, mobile friendliness, website load speed, crawl errors, existing backlinks etc. and prepare a report for it.
  1. Web Analytics and reporting: At frequent interval of time, as agreed on day zero, web analytic report is prepared. The purpose of preparing the report is to see the progress of the website and then work to increase the traffic and search results ranking.
  1. Competitor Analysis : Competitor Analysis is very importent to rank in SERP
  1. Link Building: Build a quality of good backlinks to your website. Good qaulity means website should have good PA and DA Score
  1. Implement Schema Tags: Schema Tags helps in boosting a rank in SERP by oragnically

Why to Hire SEO Expert in Mumbai?

  • To Generate Organic Traffic to Website
  • to avoid penalty from search engines
  • to Implement latest topics
  • On Time Project Delivery with ranking in Google First Page
  • To Avoid Mistakes
  • Better Results
  • More Return on Investment

Why Hire Expert SEO Analyst

If you have your own website and it also has good SEO then your website can be your best sales Agent. Your website can lead, and deliver more customers to you. You just need a good and effective Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Customers are always searching for products or services and you are not aware of how to drive customers to your website.

 What is the Expert SEO Analyst?

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a very important role to allow your website to rank well in the search engine results pages (SERPs) of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

An SEO consultant has the required skills, knowledge and experience to optimize your website for search engines and improve your website position in the search results.

The Reasons Why to Hire Expert SEO Analyst

  • To know what Kind of Traffic your Website Needs

An SEO expert is able to study that from where your website gets traffic. It will study your website entirely and knows the landing pages of your website, frequently search keywords and where the traffic coming from, Total Time spent on your website by your visitors. This data will definitely help you to grow your online business.

  • Save Your Precious Time and Money

For SEO of your website, you need time. If you hire an SEO expert, then they will apply the best SEO techniques to your website and you don’t need to give time on SEO. You can easily focus on your work and they will work according to your budget to earn money.

  • To get targeted results

If your website is getting organic traffic, then huge changes increase by day to day and experienced SEO experts can really speed up your Search marketing and search ranking and you will get targeted results.

  • Experts will Optimize your website and make it User-Friendly

Experienced SEO experts will optimize your website and they make your website user-friendly. They search and apply the required keywords to your website. An SEO Analyst will develop a hard marketing plan to grow your website.

  • Expert Will Apply Tested SEO Techniques

An SEO expert has in-depth knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. Hiring an SEO expert will definitely useful for your website. They know all the SEO techniques which are good for your website.

why to hire seo expert

Tips for hiring an SEO specialist

Some SEO may provide extraordinary strategies but be sure to ask them how long they were able to meet the customer goals in a long period.

Because some less careful people use black hat SEO techniques and that can quickly boost rankings, but they will damage your website in the long period which may cause your website getting blacklisted from search engines.

If you have your own website and it also has good SEO then your website can be your best sales Agent. Your website can leads, and deliver more customers to you. You just need a good and effective Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Customers are always searching for products or services and you are not aware on how to drive customers to your website.

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Why to hire Digital Marketing Consultant

A digital marketing expert who works alongside a company's marketing team to identify a target market, create a brand image, and create and maintain a marketing campaign for digital technologies.

Since the internet has deep access into our lives, people spend more time browsing the internet than ever before.

People use the internet for a lot of reasons like entertainment, communication, seek information, and express their feelings in forms of blogs, articles, social media, etc.

It means people spend more of time on the internet. So it is a good opportunity to reach people on the internet through digital marketing.

A digital marketer is one who puts together the entire digital marketing strategy. Also, he executes it as per the plan to achieve the goals for the business.

Here are 6 signs that your business actually needs to hire an outsider for any digital marketing projects.

  1. Corporate Branding: Website, Social Media, email
  • Getting a website up and running is not an easy.
  • For instance, the look and messaging, all the social media profiles that need to be managed regularly, website updates, development that need to be handled as well as email marketing responsibilities and more.
  1. Strategy and Future Planning
  • Any business needs to work on short term and long term goals.
  • If you don’t have the time to concentrate on long-term projects, it might be time to hire an outsider to help you to launch and double your business over a decided period.
  • Using such expertise through an outside consultant allows you to devise a detailed plan for your marketing and sales growth.
  1. Poor Sales or Slow/Low Demand Generation
  • Are there very less leads coming through your website? Well, this is a good time that you need to hire a digital marketing consultant.
  • He/she will assist you in developing an inbound marketing strategy to allow you to reach customers more effectively.
  1. Tracking & Analytics Metrics
  • You need to track, test and analyze any results to find out which strategies are working and which ones aren’t.
  • Therefore, if you don’t have enough time to track your metrics regularly such as looking at traffic numbers and how many leads are coming to your site. You should need to hire a digital marketing consultant.
  1. Lack of Fresh Ideas
  • Well, if you have ideas to update on your site, it might be time to get fresh ideas somewhere else.
  • A digital marketing consultant will bring new ideas and creativity that will trigger a spark in your business.
  1. Growing Your Business
  • If your business is gaining a bigger reputation, then you need a brand new website approach and changes to your social media profiles.
  • That’s why the need for a digital marketing consultant who is savvy enough to introduce new changes that is aligned with your growth goals.