January 2018 updates

TOP 8 Digital Marketing Updates in January 2018

  1. WhatsApp Business 

WhatsApp Business App released for Android device platform and it’s completely free for all businesses in India. The company introduced this App for small business it’s available on google play store and for downloading this app click here.

Do you want to know more information about WhatsApp Business like new features, the difference between WhatsApp Messenger Vs WhatsApp Business and how to use it for your business?

How to use WhatsApp for Business

  1. New Google Search Console                                                                                                          Google introduced a new version of search console (Beta) with new features those are.

search console

  • Search Performance (Search Analytics) Report: Now you can find 16 months of old search report from web console like Clicks, Impression and CTR.
  • Index Coverage (Index Status) Report: Here you will get a report of how the website is indexed and any index issues (Warning) are there in Website also provides why the index is not happening answer.
  • AMP status report: AMP Stands Accelerated Mobile Page its gives report of warning and errors of APM page URLs.
  • Job Posting report: If any Website one post job listing in the website for those pages any issues it gives a warning and error alerts.

You can access the new version of search console by clicking on URL.https://search.google.com/search-console

  1. Instagram Schedule                                                                                                                    Instagram announced on (January 20, 2018) we are introducing schedule post option to Instagram Application with a little twist. But right now you can schedule with the help of third-party tools like HootSuite and Buffer.
  2. Google Introduced AMP test Tool                                                                                                 Now anyone can test their website pages are supporting to AMP or not and also users can test in search results.
  3. Edit restaurant menu in Google My Business Page: GMB allowing to add and update their restaurant business menu from Google My Business page (this feature is available for restaurant business)
  4. New YouTube Monetization Policy: According to new policy each YouTube channel should have minimum 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours Watch time form previous 12 months data

Do you want to know more about new policy ?Click Here

  1. Facebook’s Local Feed Update: Facebook said it will give more priority to local news for showing news feed on Facebook.
  2. Google My Business videos: GMB introduced new Upload Video feature for all google my business pages. Now any business page can upload their videos to their business page it’s similar to image upload feature.

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